Saturday, October 01, 2011

Part 3 - New Orleans...Meeting our family

The young lady we decided to help has two children, females. So as we were on our way I called her to touch bases with her and find out the location of the uniform place to set up an account for her. She then begins to tell me she had to take her kids out of the charter school because they were so unhappy and they were being stagnated in the school. They weren’t learning anything. However, she had found an African centered school that they both loved and she has seen a complete change in their attitude and wanting to learn. In other words, they were finally being challenged. Although they are not in the same expensive uniforms, they still are in uniforms which consist of dashikis. She then begins to tell us how hard it has been to garner school supplies and when she finishes paying bills she only has a few hundred dollars to live out of and she doesn’t qualify for food stamps. She was literally crying on the phone. I felt for her because here she is working and trying to make sure her kids are giving a chance, but the struggle makes you have to make difficult choices. In fact her oldest daughter had a school project to do and she couldn’t afford the supplies needed. I listened because I do that pretty well, but I knew I was just going to give her the money we had for her and she could do what she needed it with it. It wasn’t a heaping whole lot, but at least she could get a couple more uniforms and the school supplies she needed. I told her we would call her when we got closer to New Orleans so we could meet. But the closer we got to NOLA, is when we find out we were homeless. Initially, when we decided to give the family a gift card to use where needed, but a month before we left members were like they could give more items than actual money, but you see how that turned out. I am a believer if I give money to someone for good, then it is on them to do right by it because if they do wrong it is on them. My thoughts.

Lucky for us, she called us and left a message hoping we were okay and safe. Once we got settled into the hotel we called her, or rather another member did. I can’t handle crying on the phone. Don’t ask. Anyway, we agreed to meet her at our hotel about 6:30 pm, unfortunately her kids had to go out of town after school with a family member so we wouldn’t be meeting them.

I am so glad we were able to meet her because first of all she loved my hair. Vain, I know. However, she showed us pictures of her daughters, she talked about her work and she offered us ideas for dinner and fun in her home town. She was so gracious and so humble. Life is hard for her, but she is trying and in my book that is pure strength. We talked for a bit and took pictures. And I am glad we fulfilled our commitment, because I really do believe the more you give the more you receive and it doesn’t have to be monetary, but it can just be spiritual.

The whole time we were in NOLA, she checked on us and wanted to insure we had a good time in her city.

Next up…Dinner and how we got lost…walking…

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