Friday, August 31, 2012

Upcoming Labor Day Randoms...

This was taken 8/10/2012

Whew! It has been a crazy two weeks since I did some randoms. I have wanted to blog, but work and trying to get my home more secure took priority. Right now I am looking forward to this three day weekend. I plan to rest all day Monday. Which means I will be sleeping all day. Where to begin with my randoms…

My house is as secure as it can be right now. It took me almost two weeks not to be terrified to come home and find things thrown around. My cousin and his friend, who wants me to call him Uncle did quite a bit to make my house more secure and I am most appreciative to that. Now I have to make them a Millionaire pie a piece. Having peace of mind is priceless so making these pies is my pleasure.  Plus, my house is lit up like Yankee Stadium.

I realized I have worked on my second job for 18 years. Wow! The ride has been fun, educational and worthwhile if I was able to encourage just one of the young folks who have worked for us in a positive manner it has been worth it. One of assistant managers told me the other day he likes how professional I handle situations and he is learning a lot from me. Whoa!

My sister revamped my resume and it is amazing. I have been trying for the last 2 days to work on my Curriculum vitae. I wished I had kept up better with all my trainings because it is a beast trying to get that sucker finished. Seriously, my sister’s revamping of my resume has shot my stock up exponentially.

My brother has his chef uniform and he posted a picture on FB and I had my chest poked out like I was in culinary school, but I am just so proud of him. He is making strides. Now if I could get his stepmother to listen and stop half listening and become assertive instead of passive-aggressive, maybe I won’t get any more calls where I have to handle some things. So not the role I want to be in at this age.

Speaking of age, I have a birthday coming up next month. Folks keep asking me what I want for my birthday, but seriously who is going to get me an upgrade on my gun or a tattoo to commemorate my aunt? Exactly, no one.

For a few weeks now, my car has been having problems when I go to crank it up. Usually I can get it cranked. However, this week it started to act a monkey and was getting more difficult to start. On Thursday after it didn’t want to start yet again, when I got it cranked I took it straight to the shop to get checked. It took 2 hours before the car would hesitate when you start to crank it up for the technicians. Seriously? Literally, they had my car on the machine and were cranking every few minutes and it would not act up, then it finally did. I left the shop at 4:30, almost $400 broker. You know how long it took to fix the problem, which was the electrical system in the ignition switch? 30 minutes. My life is a story of patience and sometimes I wonder who I pissed off in the universe. Thank God, I was able to get it fixed. However, I am going to end up on the pole if I don’t make some more money. Soon!

While I waiting on my car to be fixed, the shop’s television was on Faux News. I am not joking, the longer it stayed on the channel the more I started to twitch and itch. The obvious lies coming out of the GOP, was too much for me to stand. After about 30 minutes of that mess, I turned the television. I can’t with them. I really can’t. And Mitt you need more people before I believe anything coming out of your mouth. I see through you.

I respect my President, when it is obvious many in this country don’t. Has he made the change he declared he was going to do? He has made some change, but he can’t make change with a congress that has fought him tooth and nail along the way. And I for one have been disappointed in President Obama, when I felt like he didn’t fight hard enough. Then I realize, he can’t fight like I would he has an entire country to run and to stoop to levels unnatural to him is unfair. I just get sad when I see the obvious and blatant racism and discriminatory rhetoric being played out every day. As far as this country has come, I have to say the racism is so over-the-top now it makes me uncomfortable. And I live in the South.

Our book club met this past Saturday to discuss Gathering of Waters by Bernice McFadden. We seemed to have enjoyed it. Speaking of the book club have you checked out my latest Editor’s note about real books and e-readers? What are you waiting for? Check it out here!
The bane of my gardening existence, hornworms.  Ugh!

My middle niece, Hunny Bunny is kinda like a hippie. She doesn’t like to kill bugs and doesn’t want you to either. Recently, I was outside and finally saw a hornworm on my tomato plant. Mind you I actually at that point had a few tomatoes trying to ripen up. So I got my hornworm killer spray and went to blasting in hopes of heading off the pesky creature. Well, I sent a picture to my sister to show Hunny Bunny and she wasn’t too happy about it. Then a day later I look down at my hands and they were covered in a rash of some sort. Why did it begin to itch after I saw it? So I texted my sister to tell Hunny Bunny to take the hex off of me. And you know what that child did? She looked at her mother and walked away. Really. Ugh! I told my sister to tell her I am going to whip her. That didn’t make anything better. Hunny Bunny told me the hex will go away if I don’t kill a bug for a week, but if I kill a bug that is another week of the rash. Really? She really thinks she put a hex on me. But I haven’t killed anything in a week…I am just saying and the rash has slowly disappeared.

These things blend in so well.  I knocked him off the branch, but his azz was full after eating all my flowers.

Hurricane Isaac came through and did some damage. I loved that the weatherman on our local station kept saying the wind isn’t what you fear from a hurricane, it is the water and flooding that cause the most problems. A lot of homes in the Gulf area are submerged in water. I feel for them, because 7 years ago they experienced the same thing. I can’t imagine the trauma some of them are feeling. I continue to pray for them.

This is a picture of what we got here in central Alabama:

See that cloud hovering.  There is no rainbow in this picture.

Lala ain’t playing with ya’ll. When she gets mad, she gets mad. See this picture:

She is so mad, you can see the smoke coming out her ears, the mouth is tight and her nostrils are flaired.  She mad!

Carson is getting big and he is so funny you can’t help but laugh. His mother sent me this picture saying, "don’t feed the animals because they will keep coming back." LOL!
He is just a happy baby.  Our miracle baby.

I have been typing on this random for a couple of hours off and on. Anyway, I am doing fine. Life is good. Even with the hiccups along the way, I am still blessed.
This was taken on 8/30/12, see the jalapenos and Serrano chilis?  Ya'll my garden still producing...Sighing!

Have a great weekend. Enjoy your Labor Day! I plan to enjoy mine by not doing any labor. LOL!

See I still look good even with all the stress of the last two weeks!

Trying to look sultry in a blurry picture.  LOL!

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