Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Monday...Randoms


I haven’t felt like blogging. And it isn’t because I haven’t done much in the last couple of weeks, but because I haven’t felt like putting fingers to the keyboard. I have been commenting on other folk’s blogs, so I guess it is only befitting that I finally grace you with some overdue randoms. Hopefully, this will ignite my writing mojo so I can write an editor’s note for my book club newsletter. So here we go, sit back get you some coffee or a drink because it is a long one.

If you live in the south or in Montgomery, we have had a summer of pure rain. Seriously, it rained 24 out of the 31 days in July. And August we just completed almost 2 weeks of hit and miss rain but it has been mostly hit. I can’t tell you the number of days I was soaking wet by the time I got into the house. Give you an example on August 13th I had to go take a Servsafe test for the second job. No biggie, it was bright and sunny when I got to the venue, but baby it wasn’t 30 minutes in when the sky opened and the rains of a torrential variety let loose. I forgot I had left my windows cracked. Seriously. Ugh! And a couple days later while on my main job I left my windows cracked because I park in the parking garage. Well, the sky opened up again and rained and rained. When I left that afternoon it was still drizzling, but where I parked there was a leak in the garaged and yeah you guessed it, my seat had a puddle of rain in it. My car was soaked. This is how you realize how damn dirty your car really is when everything is damp and dirt is all over your hands and clothes. I was miserable driving the 10 minutes home in wet car seat. It took two days to dry my car completely out, because with no sun and nothing but rain my car stayed damp. So I drove with towels on my seat. Very uncomfortable. So this rain isn’t giving me life, but it sure has disrupted mine.
My out-of-control grass and hedges

Due to the excessive rain, my plants and my garden have suffered. My lovely Portulaca (Moss Roses) has been basically killed because of the rain, the poor plant it is hanging by a thread. It is one of those plants that has succulent leaves, well with the rain it couldn’t hold all the water and the leaves started falling off. A mess. I just gave up on the garden because too much rain was causing too much damage on the tomatoes and cucumbers. Frankly, I was getting too scared to pick things out of the garden because ya’ll know I am scared of worms. One morning, I went outside a little later than normal to water the plants because the rain was slow to come that day, and I had been telling my sister something was eating my tomatoes because I find them on the carport looking like something had eaten them. She of course said rats/mice. I was like no it is birds because they want let my sunflowers have life because they are eating the damn seeds because I see them all over the carport. Well on this particular morning, guess what I found? A mama cat and a kitten enjoying the fruits of my labor. I am sorry you cat lovers, but I do not like cats. I am not scared of them like Mrs. TDJ, but I don’t like em. I was like shoo and get out of there. The kitten was all slow and the mama just left her baby, what kinda parenting? But I now knew the culprit to the tomato eating mystery. Anyway, this weekend when my yard guy came to finally cut my overgrown lawn and hedges, I had them cut all close to the raised garden because that baby is done. Dunzo. (My yard alone was systematically bringing the property values down because the grass was thigh high, just kidding I think.) The rain is going to have an effect on your veggies this year because the excess rain hurt them. So be prepared. I froze and gave away a lot of my tomatoes. So marinara sauce and tomatoes for my soup are available, because I ain’t trying to buy tomatoes out of the store because of the cost.
This is ridiculous...Over it!

Those holes are from roly polies, they are voracious this year.  A worm or two, but mostly roly polies...

Sunflowers will make you smile, but if you look on the ground you can see the discarded seeds of the birds. 

I did manage to make a few bouquets with my flowers, but I know next year plant more flowers. I miss my big, vibrant bouquets.
Probably the last bouquet...

A week ago I was reminded why I must have peace in all aspects of my life. I was on my 2nd job and the owner basically lost his ever loving mind. He basically went ham on the workers and tried to do the same to me. First of all, I am too old to be hollered at and told to stand somewhere and don’t move. All the counting in the world wasn’t going to keep me from handling him. Basically, I told him I wasn’t going to micro-manage these kids and I wasn’t going to argue and act a nut because he is having a temper tantrum. As I told my sister, “He forgot I have 3 degrees to his 2. I am here as a courtesy to his father, not him.” I was so mad. I haven’t been that mad in a long time. I was so mad it carried on through the entire weekend. I counted. Recounted. Counted again. I couldn’t shake the mad. The kids were excited that I “handled him”. Whatever, it shouldn’t have gone down like that. I talked to him later that night about the situation and told him with new people working acting in the manner in which he did makes it difficult to keep workers. You can get mad, but you damn sure better show it in a professional manner. Acting like a recalcitrant child gets you nothing, but hostile workers. Were the kids wrong in the situation? Yes, but it was done accidental by one of the new cooks still training. Instead of him listening or waiting until he calmed down he responded in a derogatory and demeaning manner and that isn’t going to cut it with me. I was thisclose to quitting. However, someone has to protect the kids. FYI – even his wife has cautioned him on his behavior.

So as I still blistered from that Friday night diabolical, I had a 50th birthday party to go to. A former book club member was having a big shindig to celebrate. The best part in my opinion was the scholarship she awarded to a student in attendance in honor of her mother who passed exactly a month to the day of the party. I went to get a glass of wine because I was still mad from Friday and when the bartender pulled the bottle out and started to twist the cap off of the Merlot, I declined the glass. I ain’t a highfaluting person, but I need my wine to have a cork. That is all.

I went to the party looking all staid and cute, but when I got home and had a drink I looked too different. See?
 Before I left...

Then the Amaretto Sour when I got home...

After the drink...

Just kidding, I didn't have the drink until I went to bed. My hair was falling out of the bun or whatever I I worked it!

I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking either. Not feeling inspired. Rain man, rain.

Lala likes to scream Aunt Nana in the background when she sees my face on her mom’s phone. However, if you put her on the phone she says absolutely nothing. And I do believe she thinks she is a rock star. Check the pictures.

No photos please!  And she puts on her own sunglasses...

I will get to see Carson this weekend they are coming home to hang with family. Here is a picture of him with his 1st cousins in the pool. Those little muscles are getting ready for the club.

My niece is in college now. Sighing…I am still waiting on her to respond to my text from Saturday. I hate to have to show up on the campus of WSSU and embarrass her, but I will.

My cousin who I call my child will be here this weekend to celebrate graduating with his Master’s in Psychology. He didn’t march because he is heading straight to the PH.D program. So we are having a family get together to celebrate. Unfortunately, I am working but I will stop through after. Nope, didn’t take off because I am not a fan of crowds and folks doing the most drinking and playing cards. I can’t play any card games. Frankly, I don’t have the patience for it. Yeah, I am different.

I love muscadines. But I prefer the purple ones. I also tried some champagne grapes. Good, but too much work to eat them. Yes, I am lazy.

Champagne grapes...

The Guy and I are funny together because we make each other laugh. We do. He was telling me the story of his son who stepped on a carpenter’s nail and it went through his foot and how painful it was because they had to pack it and such. The Guy felt bad for his son and then his son asked if they were going to amputate his baby toe. I am sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh. He was serious when he asked. These kids are so dramatic. He will be fine if you thinking I am insensitive, he has to get another tetanus shot and he is walking with crutches temporarily, but he is fine.

I told my sister that folks are raising kids who may be book smart but they have no critical thinking skills. If they get a flat tire they will be unable to fix it or know who to call if it happens. Seriously. It is kinda scary folks. They can’t figure out the simplest situations without calling their parents. Lawd, help them.

I had book club Saturday. So I made sure to have a low-key day before the meeting because my left foot was hurting. See on last week I noticed there was an ache and it seemed to be more pronounced after working out especially if I was doing the walk/jog interval on the treadmill. So on Friday I decided to just do weights and the elliptical and to my consternation I found my foot was hurting more. Geez! And because I had to help on my 2nd job, by Friday night I was limping and of course I diagnosed myself with a stress fracture. So Saturday I was like early out and early back home to put the foot up. And I took some medicine to combat the pain. When I woke up that afternoon and to my amazement my foot no longer hurt. I had already planned to go to the Primed for an X-ray and diagnosis. It feels okay today so I am doing low key exercising so as not to put too much pressure on my foot. A customer told me I do not want a stress fracture on my foot. And I believed him.

Book club was great. I like our group with the smaller number because it is more comfortable and everyone gets to enjoy one another. Why are strawberry-ritas (in the can) so popular now? Anyway, we discussed The Perfect Marriage by Kimberla Lawson Roby. Of course I had a mini-photo shoot before the meeting.

So Vain...

Make up was cute...

Fantasia was here with Avant on Saturday. Of course I didn’t attend. One member was mad because she wanted to see Avant. I asked why? All his songs sound the same…shrugging.

I tried to watch the re-airing of the VMA’s last night when I got home. I watched Robin and Miley and my response was what the hell? And I saw Justin Timberlake’s performance, which was pretty good. Some of the guys from N’Sync are a bit thicker…just saying. After he finished, I turned and was like I can’t with MTV they do not play music videos except in the early morning. Hell, I watch MTV for Catfish.

See a lot of folks watch Reality television. I can’t say I don’t, but not that much. I prefer scripted television, but with my cable provider I don’t have enough channels for it to matter.

My book club members asked if I was watching the marathon of Scandal on BET. I didn’t. The emotions that I go through watching that show are too damn much! I can’t. But come October, I am back on it!

Labor Day is next week. I plan to do nothing. Seriously.

My birthday is on the horizon and I was asked on Saturday what I planned to do. Well, I will be going to both jobs that day and although I plan to take off the weekend, I have no plans. Oh yes I do. I plan to make ice cream, because I haven’t made any recently because my paddle broke. Oh and of course get a pair of gorgeous shoes. DSW gift cards are welcome. Just kidding…

Will someone tell my niece to text me? Geez…

Have a great week!


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At 2:30 AM, Blogger Clarinda said...

Who knew that cats eat tomatoes?, LMAO! Let me wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a good day.

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

Clarinda - Actually my birthday is on 9/10 so you are really right on time and I thank you very much. Love your new picture!

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