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Lifestyle Change
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One of the most asked questions I get is how do I stay motivated to work out on a consistent basis? In fact I was ask this again today as I trudged along to do my 30 minutes of exercise on the elliptical. And I thought what a good blog post.

First of all, I do not love working out. There are days when the thought of working out irritates me so much I think of excuses on why I shouldn’t workout today. Most of the time, I just say forget about it and change into my workout gear and go workout. I am pretty lucky my agency has a workout room with treadmills, an elliptical machine, weights and bikes. It also has a television and fans to keep you cooled down. Most places do not have this set up. So I am thankful for having a dedicated workout room.

When I began working out in December of 2009, it was because I needed to lose weight because my body was acting a fool, and my doctor didn’t like my numbers. So I began his weight loss program and for a year I went to the doctor once a month to monitor my weight loss and make sure I was working the program well. I lost the most pounds of his female patients who were in the program of 70 pounds. Remarkable, but actually a lot of hard work because it is when the pounds started to melt off did I realize how important exercise was to my regime.

I began by using the Wii games such as sports and sports active. With sports active, you do a 30 day challenge where you work out two days, and one day off and do this for a month. I began on the easy setting, which initially was kicking my butt. I was sweating like an animal, but I loved the way I felt once I finished. I began the program when my aunt was in rehab, so there were no interruptions and you would find me working out in the morning or night depending on what my responsibilities required. Each time I completed a 30 day challenge, the feeling of accomplishment was exhilarating. By April of 2010, I decided I would utilize our agency workout room. So onto the treadmill I went. I started by walking a mile and built up to 3 miles in 40 minutes with intervals of jogging. And then I would go home and do my Wii challenge. So I was working out about an hour and half most days. I always looked forward to rest days. So on average I working out 5 to 6 days a week. Every week. Plus, with my caretaking duties I was really putting in a lot of exercise whether it was purposeful or just part of my responsibilities as a caretaker. I did a lot of lifting, and I learn to do it properly so as not to injure myself and a lot of walking in the house. So my pounds melting off wasn’t effortless, it just seemed that way to those looking from the outside.

After a year of the weight loss program, I was pretty much on my own. After my aunt passed, it took me a moment to realize I could sit my ass down when I got off work and it was okay. Of course I found other hobbies to keep me busy, but I continued to workout at work and at home. I finally decreased my home workouts because frankly the Wii got boring and started to irritate me to no end. No seriously, the damn remote on your leg not registering will send a sane person to the edge of no return. I would do my Michael Jackson Experience once week and that was fine. I continued to work out but only 4 to 5 times a week. And in the spring, I incorporated walking at my community center, where I could walk and jog for 40 minutes in the early morning. I honestly liked doing that because it was peaceful to be outside and I was able to challenge myself fully. I also liked that it gave me an extra boost to get chores and errands done on Saturday morning while most folks were sleeping. I also realized I gain weight in the summer, because I really do not like to exercise in the heat. 15 pounds, and so far in the last two weeks I have lost 6 pounds. Go me.

How? Exercising and cutting back my calories a whole lot. So what motivates me to exercise? I just don’t want to gain all the weight I lost back. I worked too damn hard to lose it to gain it back because I am being lazy. I see the benefits of working out. My numbers are fantastic. I have strong muscles in my legs. I feel great after a good and strenuous workout. Although, to be at my ideal weight I need to lose another 30 pounds, it is the challenge of trying to reach that goal that keeps me motivated. I made a promise that when I returned to the doctor in November, I would have lost 7 pounds and I will have come that day. Then my next goal is 15 pounds by Christmas. And with motivation and determination 15 more pounds by May 1, 2012.

I do not work out because I love to, but because I have to. When I say I am going to do something I do. I believe in follow through. I am all about commitment. To not follow through stresses me out. Exercising isn’t always fun, but I try to make it so by challenging myself. When I started working out at work, I and the secretary would go, and there were about 4 or 5 other people going on a regular. Now, only I work out regularly. At 11:30 am, I head straight for the workout room. I workout 30 minutes or more, alone with my music and I don’t worry about others not doing it, because my challenge is my own. I always like to finish what I start. So exercising consistently is the lifestyle change that I will not eliminate from life. My life is too important to do that.

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At 8:59 AM, Blogger V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

You go girl I commend you. I need your motivation and your will power to make the right decisions, do you mind sharing, lol.

Keep it up! I will get to that point soon!

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

V- Thanks. Part of my make up is this fiercely determined ethic that also motivates my need to compete, even if it is with myself. It is down right crazy when me and my sister get together everything can be a competition! LOL!


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