Monday, February 12, 2007

My 1 month anniversary of my sisterlocks was Friday, February 9th. It passed without so much of a whimper. I guess because I knew I was going to wash my hair on Saturday, and I just don't look forward to that part of this hair thingy.

On Saturday night after work, I got home and started the process of banding and braiding. I also tried to scratch up all my flakiness. Yes, flakiness. I don't know if it is the winter or what, but my head although no longer itchy, is still flaky. So I prepared for long washes and extra long rinses. Well after and hour and half of washing (you know I have to use 2 different kinds of shampoo) I decided to check for flakes and what do I find? Flakes. Needless to say I was frustrated because I am not use to not being able to wash my hair completely clean after several washings. So while my hair was still damp and braided and banded, I used my hair toothbrush to brush as many of them from my scalp as I could and rinsed again. An hour later I went to bed. Sunday, I took out the braids and bands and commenced to brush flakes from my scalp some more and from the actual locks. (My consultant recommended I do this). I got most of them out, but not all. So I started researching on lock-it-up some remedies for this situation. I am already taking fish oil and primrose oil pills. Last night I boiled some thyme and water together and sprayed on a noticable section of hair to make sure it would work. I'll buy some jojoba oil and back to my old familiar Seabreeze to also help. I mean I can't get my hair retightened if I have a head of flakes. My hair must be clean and right now I just don't think it is. I rub my scalp gently but firmly trying to get it clean but I guess I am gonna have to use smaller bundles and just pray.

My hair came out fine though. Lost one of my baby locks on the front that was really small. I pinned it down, but it still was a gonner. I was sad about it, but my consultant let me know I'd have to baby them and they may still come down.

I love my hair and I still get compliments, I just ain't loving this flakiness. If any of you sl bloggers have any other suggestions, please let me know.

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