Friday, April 30, 2010

Seriously, I Need to Leave These Internets Alone!

I have always been attracted the Internet and all the information out here. Plus, as my sister says I am nosey! True. She calls me the Internet Crawler. If you need to know something, I can find it on the Internet.

Lately, I have just been discovering different blogs and just reading what folks are putting out there in the atmosphere. And the reason for this post is that I just got through crying like a damn baby because of my insatiable need to be nosey.

I was on Chocolate Brides, and my goodness they posted a video of a couple. The title of the video was I think the Ultimate Love Story. Don't quote me, but anyway the groom has stage 4 stomach cancer and it has spread to his esophagus. There video is so touching and no words I can come up with will be able to convey the beauty of their story. They have to be the strongest folks I have seen in a long time. Even if I tried to put myself in their place I don't know if I could display so much strength considering the obstacles and the uncertainty they face. Pray for them.

Another blogger, I want put her blog down here, but she has stage 3 cancer and she is blogging from her hospital bed. I go to her spot every couple days to see if she is alright. She is a 20 something young lady and this is her 2nd bout with cancer. Her family is going through it as well. Her father gave a portion of his lungs and days after the incident he had a major heart attack and it was touch and go for a minute, but he is still recovering. He is a doctor as well. She lost her grandmother shortly after her grandfather died. And now, her mother has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I feel this young woman's pain as she tried to chronicle her situation of helping others. How she does it is beyond me. I find myself crying just reading the entries. She is trying to deal with pain and all the medical issues that continue to come up as she lays in a hospital bed where she can have no visitors. I hurt for her and I pray for her and her family. Hell, I wrote about her in my journal. Why? Because she is a reminder of what Faith can do and that no matter how many FML moments I have, there is always someone going through way more.

I just wanted to spotlight these two blogs and say have a great weekend because life is too short not to enjoy what life has to offer.

I promise to comeback lighthearted next time!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tell ‘em why you are Random today…

  • Why have I been baking for two days straight trying to make edible gifts for folks? Maybe because I am so in love with my Kitchen Aid mixer…Maybe.

  • RIP – Dorothy Height.

  • RIP – Guru (Gang Starr). One thought: Does that Solar guy really believe Guru wrote such a hateful letter from his deathbed giving him carte blanche to speak for him? Try again son. You are sullying the man’s history.

  • Why does the sitter speak to me and then go straight to the den instead of being in close vicinity of the person she is supposed to be watching? I don’t know either, but I do know the nanny cam is probably going to be enlightening. As my sister says, “Ya’ll setting her up to get her azz beat.” Probably.

  • My niece is 15 years old and for the record I don’t like her right now. Oh, I love her to pieces, but I don’t like her right now. Her mom is finding out why I just can’t deal with teenagers at this age. Yellingholleringattitudnallazylossofbraincellsandonmynerves…

  • Have worked out all this week and I am proud to say the plateau is becoming a thing of the past. Who would have thought eating more and exercising more was the key?
    I love my little cousin. He was my baby when he was a baby. However, he ain’t quite right. Asking my opinion on him getting two tattoos on his legs and was he wrong for doing it. Yeah, I side-eyed his azz. His parents had to scrimp and struggle to buy his 25 year old azz a car this last week. And he goes to get tattoos talking about; everyone else brought them something with their income taxes. Um, you should have used the money for gas and other stuff. How about saving? Better yet, thank the Lord I ain’t your parent because you know after you are grown you get your own car and establish your own credit. I did. Then I remind myself to say bless his heart.

  • My little cousin’s younger brother is graduating next month. He is like one of my best friends. How does that happen? We are so much alike in thought processes it is a trip. We sit back and watch people and we are usually right on the money about them. We are also fiercely independent. He is graduating before his older brother because he realized from the jump, his parents didn’t planned properly for him to go to college and if he wanted to finish he had to do it on his own. Like I did.

  • I didn’t realize what having low potassium can do to your body. I also didn’t realize the insurance company was crazy as hell if they thought I was going to pay $496 for blood work. Drs. Office had to resubmit and properly code it. Yeah, that bill better had said $8.

  • I have been on a leave of absence from my online review group and was supposed to go back this month, but I am still on leave. I ain’t ready to deal with that right now. I like not having the pressure to read at least three books a month. Maybe I’ll come back in June…

  • Next door to my second job on last Friday some teenagers (14 & 15 years old) robbed the place and shot a customer in the back. They are idiots and a prime example the school system is failing our children. Seriously, who robs a convenience store on a Friday afternoon in broad daylight during rush hour on one of the busiest street in the city? Where they do that at? And the surveillance camera had their pictures so clear it was crazy. Why did one of my workers know who the boys were? I question seriously her choice of acquaintances. I told her to tell her friends to not even think about it on my 2nd job.

  • I want to know who really cares if Sandra Bullock or Elin Woods are going to divorce their husbands? I don’t care. Men have been cheating since they started marrying folks. Some men are going to do it and others aren’t and what they do as far as their marriage ain’t anyone’s damn business.

  • So disappointed in Opr.ah’s show with Monique’s brother. I didn’t watch and will not watch.

  • Music right now is on life support. There hasn’t been a summer hit yet and most of the stuff coming out is just not good. Thank goodness for Ipo.ds and old music.

  • I can’t watch Ray J and Brandy or the Basketball Wives. Boring. Plus with Ray J and Brandy their mama is who I want to see all the time. Reminds me of the folks from the hood who sit at their kitchen table with a cigarette with a long ash hanging from their mouth and they talk mess with a husky voice. The BW are not wives, they are jump-offs and every other thing.

  • Speaking of jump-offs why are they celebrities now for sleeping with someone else’s husband? I don’t get why folks are giving them air time. And have you seen the dude involved in the Larry scandal? Equal opportunity . Sit down somewhere and stay in your lane. And those folks hollering they didn’t know so and so wasn’t married are lying.

  • I would love to see a really good love story with black folks. I can’t wait to see the Queen Latifah and Common’s movie. I am missing the good love stories for us.

  • Instead I am getting every other week stories about successful Single Black Women who can’t get married and everyone wants to offer help. I call Shyte on all that. I read enough blogs to know that black women are getting married all the time. Media sit down somewhere with that. And if they have another panel with Steve Ha.rvey I will just scream! I don’t trust him to give me relationship advice. He is on his 3rd marriage. I read his book and it didn’t say anything I didn’t already know. My sister says I can’t knock his hustle. I can if I want to. More power to his brand, but he is not a relationship expert. He and I would have problems because what he considers compromises seem to be controlling methods. I am a semi-successful single black female and I am unmarried. I ain’t worried as much about it as the media. My time will come when it is deemed the TIME.

  • 48% of all black women have genital her.pes. That is what I heard on the radio this morning. Why is everyone so interested in black women, not the positive but the negative? If this is true, we need to do more education on sex and self-esteem.

  • I don’t get the fascination with Glee. I have yet to see it and frankly I probably want.

  • I can’t wait to watch Gabi on SNL Saturday. The promos are funny. Did you all see when Tina Fey was on? Pure comedy!

  • Can’t wait to see the SATC movie. Guess I need to go an watch the first one, huh? You know I don’t go to the movies right?

  • The picture is just random...Even clipart has happy married black couples...Just saying!

Have a great weekend on purpose…!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally Pictures...

Peep this: On January 7, 2010 I celebrated having Sisterlocks for 3 Years!

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Friday, April 09, 2010

I Am Better Now and Randoms!

I think my FML moment is over. Naw, it is over. I woke up on Thursday feeling much better, but it almost got derailed again this morning, but told Satan to be gone.

  • Let's see...My doctor's appointment went okay I got rid of the prescription that maybe affecting my hair. I also found out my potassium is extremely low. I couldn't believe that because I haven't had a leg cramp or anything and I workout 4 to 6 times a week. Just wow. So now I have to take a huge supplement. The nurse was like eat bananas, that was a negative I can't eat bananas by themselves, in banana pudding, but can do. More spinach and sweet potatoes for me. Lost 2 more pounds, go me!
  • The fall out from the book club has come and gone. All I can say is I am so over the drama. LOL!
  • The sitter is still making me angry. She has taken to getting to the house in the am late now. Today I just looked at her. I am over her too.
  • I finally got my KA mixer! I know some folks think that is strange, but I love appliances and kitchen doodads. I have been wanting one forever, but balked at the price so being the genius I am I went on E..b.ay and bid on several. I mean a lot and of course I was outbid more times then I care to mention. However, I just didn't understand paying what the stores charge for one that was used or brand new and have to pay shipping. In fact the one I got I was given a 2nd chance at it because it didn't meet the owner's threshold? Anyway, I got it for $150 that is what's up. Now, what can I make to use it?
  • I would post my cruise pictures, but I am just too lazy to scan and upload. I will put them on our book club website next week even though a couple folks are no longer members anymore. Doesn't matter because it is a beautiful picture nonetheless.
  • I am so tired of hearing about Tiger's issues, can he just pay golf and that is all you media folks report? Seriously, my opinion of him doesn't change, didn't like him anyway, just respected his golfing abilities.
  • I am so tired of hearing about all the cheaters. If you look in my family, this would be nothing. My folks have fidelity issues, but hey that's family for you.
  • Why want the legislative folks let the people of Alabama vote on the issue of bin.go? I don't gamble period, but geez this mess has gotten out of hand and the state is looking, as usual, crazy.
  • Seriously, it isn't alright to wear leggings to work. It is not.
  • Law & Order SVU marathon Sunday if anyone besides me and my nieces care.
  • I want to watch the RJ and Brandy reality show and the Basketball wives, but I have the attention span of a gnat right now. I tried to watch Celebrity Fit Club but I was bored after 2 episodes. I couldn't watch much of Fantasia's show because her voice, my goodness I didn't know it was so ...irritating. I did watch a few episodes of Let's Talk About Pep. It was pretty good. Um, I am going to need for Jackie Reid to figure it out, because she is too old to be that silly and not have met the big O by now. I sat there and just shook my head. Sad. Really.
  • I was sad about Lance and Ava, but after seeing their twitter statements, I was like thank goodness. They weren't ready.
  • I wanted to go see Why Did I Get Married II, but after reading the reviews I'll pass. They were mixed and my sister saw it last night and said it was okay, but the ending sucked. Pretty much how most folks described it. I'll wait until it comes on T.BS. What? That is how I have seen most of TP movies. I don't go to the movies for real, costs too much money and I don't like the sticky floors, the numerous bodies that have sat in the seats and the food smells, Ugh! I got issues.
  • Poor Erykah Badu. She is being misunderstood about her video. Frankly, I didn't care one way or the other. I love the song and the press has given the song a boost. Bold and she has bigger gonads than I.
  • I need to start looking a vacation plans for next year. I know the family folks want another cruise, but you know I ain't hearing that.
  • Which reminds me I need to send my travel agent a thank you letter. She was the greatest.

Everyone go out and have great weekend as Ladylee says, "...on purpose!"

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I am having a FML Random moment because I am confronted with stupid people every damn day!


  • Why would an assistant manager write up people when she didn't work the shift in question and she didn't know who did what? Why not come to the manager that was on duty instead of crying foul to the owner and making the situation worse? Because this is the same one who has a hit list of folks she is going to get "fired". Oh by the way, I understand Saturday is family reunion day at the store and your folks pay half. Oh, two of your confidantes ratted you out, but I already knew because I actually read the discount receipts and pull them up by cashier. Next time you write someone up, let them know and not an employee who has nothing to do with the situation.
  • When you want to discuss something I have written do just that. Don't throw red herrings out there so you can make it about me having a book at work, especially when you didn't see me reading it. Furthermore, do your part for marketing as well. That means follow through! Don't talk about it be about it.
  • Why would you take the dressings off a patient when you know they just had a procedure done and then send them home with the stitches exposed when the surgeon specifically stated not to take the dressings and band off for 48 hours? No, I do not care what you normally do, because I know you are going against the surgeon's orders. Furthermore, why would you expose the patient to the possibility of a staph infection? I really do believe you and the unprofessional way in which you handle patients is the reason she had a staph infection in 2006-2007. You took off the band, not me dear. So don't tell me to go to the drugstore and purchase a new one. You figure out a way to replace it. It can come out of your pocket for all I care. Yep, I hung up after saying I was done with that conversation. We already know you are sorry, but you still didn't answer my question on how you were going to replace the stronger than ace bandage and fitted with Velcro that my aunt has paid for and you negligently fail to put back on her. Just plain unprofessional.
  • Why are you here? Seriously. Oh yeah, you are just the sitter. So my aunt has to sit in the same chair until someone else comes to remove her. You know what; I don't understand why you are here. Lord, please give me patience because I am thisclose to telling them to let her go and we just have to come out of pocket for more money because my aunt does not deserve to be treated that way. Especially when you are so damn negative. Yep, I have an attitude and it will be there until you do better. Really. Why are you here?
  • After being thoroughly disgusted, angry and just plain mad about my conversation with the owner at my second job, I came home and to add insult to injury another damn lock fell out. Not only am I surrounded by stupid people, I am standing on the ledge of crazy my damn self. I sat in my bed for 20 minutes crying. I have lost three locks in less than a week and I know why now. And in an hour I will be letting them know I will no longer be taking that med anymore. Deal with it. Having bald spots is not the business or is it cute.
  • I'll also have to deal with the fall out with the book club decisions I made and sent off letters about. Lucky me…Let the ugly facebook posting begin.

Right now…FML!

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