Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


One thing my Sisterlock consultant was concerned about when we met was how much information I received from “hair blogs” she says there is a tendency for blogs to become a detriment to newly locked folks. After reading some of the issues folks seem to be facing on LIU, she may have a point. I told her I looked at few blogs to get an idea, but ultimately I knew my hair would do its own thing. In fact, when I researched Sisterlocks I only looked at Blaqkofi’s blog and Sandy’s blog. It took me a minute to explore other blogs, but I did and I found them helpful.

I know there was a time when there were no blogs to absorb information and making this lifestyle change was a big deal and one wants to know they are making a good decision. I am thankful for the blogs I explored and would later discover. However, I am a realist and when I started wearing my own hair; I knew my hair was not the texture I thought it was.

So thinking my hair would lock at the rate of Blaqkofi’s was wrong. I really did think we had the same texture of hair. Not. My hair square dab in the middle of my head may be the same texture as her’s, but the rest of my hair ranges in textures. I am still prone to slippage in the back. I came to realize in November of 2006, my hair wasn’t as nappy as I thought. Dang. So my journey truly was going to be unique because as many blogs as I had read and hair textures I’d seen, my hair was going to do what it is going to do. And 2 years and 3 months later, my hair still isn’t completely locked.

Back to those dissatisfied with their outcome so early in the game, you must have patience. Seriously. What so and so’s hair is doing, is not necessarily what your hair will do. I squirm and cringe when I read a remark that states their hair should be locked by now, um, not necessarily. I cringe when folks say there locks are not like someone else’s. They will not be. I cringe when folks are disturbed by the differences in each lock and they are not all uniformed. They will not be. My hair has great parting, but there are places where the lock is small next to a larger one. Want to know why? The texture of my hair changed in that area. Real talk. I have really thin locks in the front of my hair that I despise at times and they cause me to spend extra time babying them as I slowly retightening, but in the last month I have notice they are locking. I have this really fat lock that I love to death and I’ll find it and just relish in its locked appearance and I often wish all my locks were the same size. I have one lock that has decided after two years it wants to bunch up. I just laugh at it and pull it when I wash. I said all this to say, no one’s locks are perfect. Whining over what one perceives as wrongly done is not the answer. I have said it before on this blog a lot of unhappy SL wearers are because they didn’t research and prepare for the change. They went to a couple of blogs and garnered a form of lock envy and just knew beyond a doubt their hair would be just like there’s.

This experience will make you happy. It will make you sad. It will make you want to cut all your hair off in frustration. However, it does offer one a feeling of freedom. Yep, it is expensive, but once you break away from your consultant, you will reap the benefits. How do you think I was able to afford 4 pairs of shoes in one weekend? I saved my money like I had to go to my consultant and I haven’t been to her since February. I will not be going back to her until the end of June. We correspond by email with any problems I may be experiencing. Right now I am experiencing shedding. So now I must use the reconstructor and continue to moisturize regularly.

I have lost locks check back through my archives. I have locks that thin along the way due to the lock not locking in that section. I have a knot or two from my own carelessness in retightening. Oh, and let’s not mention my married locks. I have more gray than I want, but because I am not completely lock I will not put in a rinse until I feel more comfortable doing so. My locks are not perfect and newly locked folks yours will not be either. By all means if your locks are jacked up because the consultant didn’t follow protocol, parted your hair any which way they wanted and your locks just aren’t right hey, do you. However, thinking your locks are going to be perfect from the point of installation is not going to be good for the outcome of your experience. With all the imperfections of my locks, they are what make my hair perfect.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After Easter Ramblings...

  • I feel better today then I did the week I wrote my bad day vent. :::wipingmybrow::: Glad those type of days are few and far between.

  • I have the Joy to Walk this weekend. I hope to make the 3 mile walk, but I have a feeling that is not going to happen.

  • I was a victim of fraud Saturday. Yep, it doesn’t pay to be distracted. Seemingly, and unbeknownst to me, there is a phishing scam going on in our good city of Montgomery. The call begins by telling the person there has been some fraudulent activity on your debit/credit card and they have had to suspend your account. Of course, I was running errands and didn’t look at my phone before I answered, which I normally do but I was juggling and when I heard someone was trying to steal money from me I panicked. And proceeded to give my bankcard information to an automated machine. Smart. Let me tell you these folks are good. And as soon as I hung up the phone I had an epiphany. I have never given the bank my cell phone number! Oh Shit! Yep, I immediately called the 1- 800 number for my bank and cancelled my card within 10 minutes of that call. And later that day I was informed this scam was recently profiled on the local news. Um, I don’t watch the news a lot, because I don’t have time. FYI, while I was at the bank Monday morning there were 3 individuals behind me with the same issues. Those folks are good. Nope there number didn’t show up on my cell phone.

  • I purchased 4 pair of shoes this weekend. That is more than I bought all of 2008.

  • The Duggars are going to be grandparents. Um, congratulations and :::Ihopetheydon’thave18kidstoo!:::

  • I can’t believe leaning on one’s car smoking a cigarette is what’s good on the streets.

  • I finally finished my taxes on Easter Sunday. Don’t owe anything. Now if I can get it mailed tomorrow.

  • The lizard is gone. Don’t know where, but it is out of my sight.

  • I was mad I couldn’t watch Law & Order all day on Easter. What do people watch on Sunday nights?

  • I don’t like when folks refer to my hair as dreads. They are locks.

  • I use to be so organized. When I start complaining about my disorganization, I look at the folks around me and realize I am more organized than they will ever be.

  • My book club has chosen another book by the author we are reading this month for next year. The author’s book this month has no plot. The sex scenes are over the top and contrived and after reading Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey, if your scenes are not erotic, sensual and believable um, I’m going to need you to stop with all that mess and write a real story. So not looking forward to reading that crap.

  • I have a lot of friends on Faceb.ook, but I don’t know half of them. I have 7 folks following me on twit.ter and I have yet to post one thing. Seriously, I have not posted anything.

  • I want an Amaz.on K.indle.

  • How long will the Somalian pirates continue to hijack ships? How long do they think they will be able to continue to do it before larger countries eat their azzes up?

  • My worst fear of flying actually happen. The pilot died and a passenger had to land the plane.

  • I want a Yorkie. Seriously, I have been scouring the int.ernet searching for breeders in Alabama. Seeing Bo, Sasha and Malia’s dog didn’t help.

  • We are about to have some small renovations done to our house. I am excited and dreading the whole process. We have to take all the stuff out of the cabinets in the kitchen take down all pictures. Get rid of the large freezer and replace with a smaller one. I don’t look forward to stuff everywhere. I’m going to need them to finish in a weeks time, because we gotta eat and we do not eat out much.

  • I need to start planning something for my birthday this year. I want to go to Las Vegas. I want to return to New Orleans. I’m gonna need some money.

  • Why would someone climb intentionally into a polar bear exhibit of a zoo?

  • Why are young and too old to be doing it people sexting? I have this fear that if one picture is taken of me naked (not that anyone wants to see all that) it will come back to haunt me when I run for a public office. Grown folks send body parts to folks through their cell phone.

  • Someone bought Kreme donuts to the office yesterday. Dayum them.

  • I watching B.aby Hom.e on the learning station in the mornings as I get dressed. Seriously, some of these folks need to take a chill pill. They are neurotic about taking care of these newborns. And please help them if they have a hard time nursing there are fit to seek therapy. Really. People have been birthing and bringing up babies forever it will not be easy, but dayum it isn’t rocket science either.

  • The shoes are one of the pairs of shoes I purchased. I did wait until they went on sale.

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