Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Venting...Radio Without Tom Joyner Is Not A Change I Appreciate


Okay, I have been out of pocket since last week’s birthday. Let’s add that with age come other things such as my back giving me the business for over a week. All I am going to say is if you have never had a back spasm before, you don’t realize you actually stop breathing when it happens.

However, I am not back to ramble on about things going on in my life. I am here to vent. Folks, I am mad as hell. On Monday, I made it to work, barely. When I turned on my radio in my office, which stays on 97.1 here in Montgomery because it is the old school, R&B station, I heard Steve Harvey. Now, I was off Friday and I thought for just a second that J, who cleans my office, had changed the station on my radio. I tried to find Tom Joyner on the radio thinking J had changed the station to our Hip/hop & R&B station 105.7, which airs the Steve Harvey morning show. Well, after 10 minutes, it finally dawned on me that Steve was on 97.1. I called my co-worker but she had no clue about what the heck was happening since she listens to the gospel station. I curse too much to listen to the gospel station all day. Well, I do.

So what is a girl to do when she doesn’t know what the heck is going on? I googled. I found the fb page and low and behold a few folks had posted the question what happened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show? No answer, but folks were mad. Hell, I was mad. One, because I don’t handle change well unless I am giving some notice. Secondly, Steve Harvey is now on 2 damn radio stations in the morning. Thirdly, I don’t like Steve Harvey in the morning. Yeah, I said it.

Seriously, change is scary for me at times. If I am given a forewarning, I can wrap my head around the situation and go with the flow. However, if you throw me in without warming me up to the situation I am mad. I struggle with change and even though one of my favorite quotes is “The only lasting truth is change,” by Octavia Butler, I struggle. Badly.

Look, this is my morning routine. I viggle the Today show at 7 am and watch either a Law & Order episode or A Baby Story as I get dressed and made up for work. I get into my car for the 10 minute ride to work and I listen to Russ Parr, because usually by this time they are playing mostly music and I don’t have to listen to silly chatter, gags and such because let me be real, I don’t officially wake up until 10 am. When I get to my office I usually have the last hour of Tom Joyner to listen to, which includes news, music and information. I can handle that before 10 am.

Steve Harvey on 105.7 was fine for me, because I didn’t have to hear him because I listened to TJMS. I give Steve respect for all he has accomplished; however, I ain’t no Stan. I lost a lot of respect for him after his last divorce due to the way he did his ex-wife and yeah his ex-wife had some culpability in the situation as well, but he made my stomach turn. So I am not watching all his shows and listening to him on the radio. Frankly, SH is too damn silly for me in the morning. The stuff ain’t funny it is more irritating. Now his ass in on two, count them two radio stations at the same time. Ugh!

105.7 and 97.1 are part of the iHeart radio thing so I have no idea who thought this was a sound decision. Folks are mad as hell on the FB page and they ain’t happy one bit about being subjected to the change with no notice. We understand the money thing, we understand the numbers thing but what we don’t understand is basically ignoring the demographics that actually listens to the TJMS. SH and TJ have different listening audiences. Just like publishers don’t know what African-American readers want to read the radio big wigs don’t know what we want to hear either. Money dictates so much in this society, it is no wonder there is so much discord and unhappiness. I just want my Tom Joyner Morning Show back.

After I wrote this, I checked the fb page and this is their response:

We have made a change concerning the Tom Joyner Morning Show on WWMG(Magic 97.1). We have nothing but respect and appreciation for our relationship with Tom Joyner and & his cast over these years. He’s a legend and we understand there are people what enjoyed his show. However, we’ve also heard from many folks who welcome the switch to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Currently simulcast on both Magic 97.1 and Hot 105.7 for this week only. Next Week a new fast paced, entertaining, cutting edge, informative morning show that better reflects what the station is known for “Hip Hop & R & B” will debut on WZHT(Hot 105.7). The Steve Harvey Morning Show will settle in as the permanent morning show on Magic 97.1. It has been a ratings winner and occupied the #1 position in Montgomery since its inception 7 years ago. It is an amazing show that is humorous, entertaining, informative and fund with dynamic personalities Steve Harvey, Shirley Strawberry and Nephew Tommy, It’s already been proven to be a great Adult Urban Show. Thank all for being loyal listeners.

Just as I said…money talks be damned the listeners who don’t care for Steve’s brand of humor because he is #1. Sighing…any suggestions for online music?

P. S. Blogger is on my nerves!  All the symbols and stuff that is all blogger and because I can't really edit my stuff now because it has been acting weird for months now...I am thisclose to ending this relationship.  Yeah, I am mad!

9/24/13 - The Breakfast Club took over Steve's spot on 105.7.  Yeah, SH is still on 97.1.  However, to my delight and sadness yesterday was the last day for the Russ Parr Show and Tom Joyner has found a home on 97.9, which is really the Hip Hop station here.  I was so happy to hear Tom, my eyes welled with tears.  Then I thought about the young folks who listen to Russ and thought they probably feel like I felt last week.  There is no winning.  I am just so glad Tom is still here in Montgomery.  Yes!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

It is that time birthday!  Happy Birthday to me...

Today plans to be a low-key day.  Want to know why?  Because I am working at both jobs today.  You know bills don't stop coming just because it is your birthday.  And you know the fight between me and the lizard although a draw, still cut into my money so a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  Go to work. 

Don't fret I took off a couple of days at the end of the week to just chill out, sleep in, make ice cream and drink wine.  What?  That isn't what most people do for their birthdays?  Oh well, I am a bit different. 

By the way, I am 44 today.  Go me!  And looking at this picture you can't tell either! 

Flexirods on the ends of a ponytail, gave me some loose curls with only 8 hours to set after my wash yesterday

I am so thankful to see another year.  Did you know I am older than my mother lived to be?  So, I am grateful for another year.  I am blessed!

Enjoy your week!

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Me - 1 Lizard - 0 Draw - 1

Um, I still have a writing block to my two readers...

Here is a funny true story for you.

This past Friday, I woke up in good spirits and wasn't going to let my aching foot cause me to not make the most of the day.  In fact, I was on my way to being close to on time at work.  Go me!  So as I am locking the door I notice a movement from the corner of my eye.  Yep, as the title so told you, a lizard was in the doorjamb of the glass screen door.  Of course, I screamed immediately and dropped my bags.  And tried my best to calm down, luckily it moved away from the doorjamb and was in a position to go in my house if I opened the door.  So being a punk, I put my bags in the car, called my job and told them I would be late because I had a lizard on my door and then listen for a minute as the person I thought was my friend laughed...for a long time. 

After abruptly ending the call, I went to get my water hose from the back and attached it to the spout on the front, all the while watching this nasty creature scurry but not leave my doorjamb, I used a chair to prop the door open.  Oh, did I mention it was missing its tail?  Ugh!  So I turn on the water hose and got the nasty thing off my door and finally to the corner of the porch where I sprayed the water as long as I could hoping to drown the thing.  Ya'll it flipped on his back and I felt victorious except for the fact my off white pants were wet and now I must change clothes.

So I dragged the water hose to the back and went to unlock the front door and when I pressed the handle to open the door, the bitch pulled away from the door and fell off.  FML!  Did I mention it was already getting hot?  Now, I am outside and although the door is unlocked I can't get in and I am wet, soaking wet!  Seriously, the devil plays too much.

I call my cousin and he tells me he is on his way.  He said we would have to climb through a window.  Well, all of my windows are locked or sealed where you would break your damn arm if you tried to open it.  So I waited on him to get to the house sweating and smiling at the crackheads walking the street as they tell me how sexy I looked.  Yeah, with sweat and water dripping I knew to take the compliments with a grain of salt. 

It only took my cousin 10 minutes to get there.  And when he got on the porch I handed him the insides of the door handle that also fell off into my hands.  And my goodness that is when I noticed the damn lizard that started this mess, had flipped back on to his stomach and was trying to get away, but not coming towards my door.  Really?  Really? Thing was playing possum. 

My cousin used his genius and with the help of a screwdriver was able to get the door open.  I left him working on that to change clothes.  Then he handed me the handle to take with me to go to Lowe's or Home Depot for a door handle.  His parting words, "Hopefully, you will not have to get the whole kit." 

Yeah, I had to get the whole kit to the tune of $136, which by the way I didn't have.  There went my idea to sneak to a hotel for my birthday next week.  And sandwiches for lunch for the next two or three weeks.  No Creative Cooking segments to do and blog.  FML!

So, I made it to work where my co-worker who I called to tell I was going to be late twice was still laughing about my "lizard" and the office manager started laughing as soon as I walked into her office two hours late.  What started out as this great day turned to chaos, frenzy and wet clothes. 

I am thankful my cousin and his son were able to replace the door handle.  Anyone need a deadbolt?  I am thankful there is no lizard in my house.  I have to concede this as a draw.

Did you know lizards play possum?

I will have my Paypal button set up for donations...Geez!  Yeah, keep on laughing...

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