Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am glad to say that I was able to do my assign section w/o marrying any locks and did a good job if I do say so. However, when you start retightening your own hair you start seeing things you never notice before. Right now I have some locks that are entirely too small and they are in the area of my hair where I had bad damage from wearing kinky twists. The locks are thick then they are real, real skinny. It is only about 3 of them and they are all in my damage area. I will have my consultant combine them to at least strengthen them. I was retightening one w/the clip tool and um, that part just fell off. No I didn't get upset, because I know what I am dealing with in that area. My hair was really damaged there by the pulling done by the braiders.

I have come to realize and with those who responded to my last post, that time and patience is key. I washed my hair on Wednesday and planned to watch the Olympics and Law & Order and do my assigned area. After 4 hours, my area was done as well as all the locks around my hair line front and back (except for those locks I had already married. LOL!). I will attempt this week to finish all the hair on the front right side. Seriously, I was so proud of myself Thursday, because my head was sore and my locks had lengthened. Go me! I took pictures of the area I did to show you guys. I'll try to get it posted this week.

So alls well in my land...Thanks for all the support!


Friday, August 08, 2008


So I emailed my consultant on Thursday morning and told her that Wednesday night I managed to marry two different locks to locks close to them and me trying to get them out made the situation worse. I told her I was crying and cussing. I still don't understand how I managed to marry the different locks when I used my clips and made sure nothing was around them. Of course they are in the back of my head, so you can't see them, but I know they are there. In fact on one, I managed to get the two locks divorced and managed to marry them again. Dayum! So I told me consultant I am going to stick to my little assigned area in the front and my head would be looking a fool on Sept. 11th and I'd bring extra money. What? I messed up and I am so angry with myself. I thought I was being so careful. So last night no practice at all. Still mad. Of course my consultant is like calm down, no tears look how long it took me and it will take time and patience. That is why she only gives her trainees a little at a time to work on. I just hope I don't lose those locks in the back because of my mistake. (too dayum small anyway)!

Did I mentioned I am going to put a rinse in my hair by my 2 year anniversary to cover the lint in the back in that one row, which will be missing 2 locks?

Thanks for the support folks...I know it will get better with time, but I needed to vent.


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