Monday, April 09, 2007

3 - Month Anniversary

First of all, hope you had a blessed Easter.

Time sure does go fast when you are having fun. As of today, my Sisterlocks(r) are 3 months old. It is a cause for celebration, because my hair is moving along nicely and I am still having a wonderful love affair with my hair.

Yesterday afternoon, I embarked on my omnious task of washing my hair. I can band and braid my hair in 15 minutes, yep I time myself. Then I did an ACV rinse hoping to get some of the lint out of my hair, but sorry to say it didn't quite work. Plus, I don't know how one can stand the smell of vinegar in their hair. Ugh! MHO! Then I proceeded to do the Nizoral for dandruff and then Sisterlock starter shampoo for the actual locks. This took about an hour and I used the remainder of the afternoon to let my hair air dry. That night it took me almost an hour to separate my locks. And the result is I had a full head of crinkly locks.

My hair is growing and folks are commenting on its growth. Initially, I didn't see it but I do now. What's interesting while banding the bundles I realize my locks are getting thicker. So the swelling is happening slowly but surely. Really, they are swelling at their own rate and that is fine with me.

Even after 3 months I still don't have the urge to roll my hair, freestyling works for me. It is easy and it doesn't cause too much manipulation of my babies.

My only problems are the lint in my locks in the back of my head, the length of time it takes me to wash my hair and finally, my inability to keep my hands out my hair. I think that last complaint is a disease called hairitis. LOL!

Enjoy your week and until next time...


Friday, April 06, 2007

This is not a hair post, it is a muse post…

I just read this really pensive note on one of my favorite blogs Bruthacode. His writing is most of the time funny, but sometimes he will write a piece that leaves you in a thoughtful and pensive mood. This particular one had to do with him finding some old pictures of three females who came into his life. I don’t know, but the wistfulness in his writing brought tears to my eyes and the muse to whisper in my ear.

Yesterday, I wrote a closure letter because after reading When Love Calls You Better Answer, I thought it would be fitting if I could write some letters, that I may or may not mail, to folks I needed closure from. The one I wrote yesterday was much harder than I thought it would be. I mean, at one point I had to stop and wrestle with the tears fighting to roll down my face. I still hurt. Unbelievable. After all this time not having the proper closure still hurts. I have no pictures to reminisce about, just some faded letters and some oils he once gave me. I wasn’t in love with him I just loved him as a person. What that means is I was working on the possibility of their being love between us, but yet again it was not our time. His impact on my life was fleeting, but enriching. He forced me to examine my insecurities about why I fear commitment. I still cringe at the thought of a relationship, but I would love to be in one, but committing is hard for a person who doesn’t know how to trust. In my closure letter to him, I state, “You gave me hope for men, only to remind me you are just a man.” Basically, I learned not to put my fantasies into hope and recognize no person is the grandiose being you have conjured up, a person is a human being with frailties and flaws and hoping for perfection will leave you wanting.

I have a few more closure letters to write, but they will take some time to complete, because just from this first one, I recognize I have been carrying a burden of immeasurable weight upon my shoulders. I need to let it go and push forward.

Have a blessed Easter!

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