Friday, February 06, 2009

Here are some pics...

January was an interesting month and I decided to stay out of my hair every day retightening locks. I am now pretty much on my own with the retightening. Kinda liberating. I started retightening on a Thursday evening and finished on Monday evening. I do as many as I can in the allotted timeframe. Works for me.

I will go quarterly to have my hair checked and issues dealt with. I went on Feb. 5 and she unmarried a few of my locks and retighten the smaller ones closer to the scalp, although I wanted to marry them to make the base bigger. However, when she retightened them, the base was much stronger. That hook tool is not my friend, but I guess I better become more proficient with it.

In these pictures I was in the process of retightening. The front and around the edges and all of the back was done. Also, the right side had been half way done. I tell folks if you see me wearing my hair parted down the middle I am in the process of retightening my head.

Over all my hair is doing well.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Guess What I Did?

I soft spiked my hair! I used the large soft spikes and roll straight to the back with damp hair. I'll let you know how long it lasts...



Sometimes I feel really random where I have a bunch of streams of consciousness thoughts going through my brain. So here is how my brain functions...

  • President Obama has only been in office two weeks why are we voting on how well he is doing? Um, it took 8 years to mess this country up and it will surely take more than 2 weeks to even begin to make a dent in this economic mess.
  • Seriously, who cares if Michael Phelps used a bong. I don't. He is young and he is subject to make some stupid mistakes. I ain't condoning, but I think there are bigger things to be worried about right now.
  • Is 50 Cent still relevant? BTW, have you heard the new Eminem track? I know, I shouldn't but I can't help myself when a song has a good hook.
  • Why is it a big deal that Jennifer Hudson lip synch for the Superbowl? Everyone does it. It is her voice. She recorded it and she sounded damn good too!
  • Can I say this, the song Single Ladies is a catchy tune, but have you really listened to the lyrics? Seriously he liked it, not loved it so he is not going to wife you.
  • So Jessica Simpson wore Mom waist pants? She may or may not have gained weight, but seriously who cares. I liked her on the show Newly weds.
  • I cannot deal with another cold day. It is 29 degrees in Montgomery, Alabama. I don't like the winter and ain't crazy about the summer. I like the mild weather of the fall and spring.
  • How do you know if you have food poisioning or stomach virus? My stomach has been hurting since Friday and I have bouts of nausea. UGH!
  • I don't get I have a page and all these folks want to be my friend, but if I don't know you I ain't your friend. I have a bunch of authors as friends. However, I don't have any friends from high school or college.
  • If your credit is bad should you bring your boyfriend's credit score down too?
  • We have a ghost or magician on my second job. Money mysteriously disappears and magically reappears two days later. Yep, somebody is stealing.
  • Why would someone schedule a store meeting on Valentine's Day?
  • The worse Valentine's Day was when a boyfriend of 2 years comes to my house with carnations and takes my cousin out to play basketball. I left them damn flowers on the foyer table until they died and I also killed the relationship then too. I just wasn't into him anymore. And me being quite shallow at the time, was angry he thought he could give me carnations when I had always gotten roses. Sue me, I didn't like carnations back then. Truth be told, don't like them now either.
  • The best Valentine's Day was when a boyfriend of 3 months came over and to watch movies and kept pulling things out of his jacket pockets. I got so many little tokens. I don't even remember all the things but it was the element of surprise that he thought about how to make the evening special. What was even cuter was the fact one gift was a bottle of champagne, since he was 3 years younger than me and wasn't yet 21 it was cute. Oh, he didn't drink either.
  • I worry too much about things I have no control over. Probably why my stomach hurts.
  • I really don't want to do another cruise, but I have to do the obligatory 10 year anniversary book club cruise (we will have been together 10 years in April) and another family cruise. I am trying to combine the two, with these economic times and my less than stellar patience I think it will be a better fit. So neither group can get on my nerves. My sister told me to shut up, stop whinning and pay my money and get my azz on the boat! Still doesn't make me want to go.
  • I don't prepare my taxes until the week before they are due. I usually have to pay.
  • I really want a yorkie, but due to my never being home, busy schedule and the cost of one of those suckers it will not happen soon.
  • I still hate to wash my hair. It only takes an hour but unbanding and separating is an extra 30 minutes I could do without.
  • Guys now like to text you. I don't like that. So impersonal and my azz will only text back a maximum of twice before I will no longer respond. My cousins hate that about me. I don't have a qwerty thingee and it would be easier just to talk on the phone, which I don't like to do either.
  • Please tell me everyone has their tv's ready for digital.
  • Why do I feel the need to read Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey again?


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sisterlocks, texturizers and curls...

Well the co-worker decided Sisterlocks were too expensive and not being able to take them out would be a problem. Yeah, Sisterlocks were never for her. She is currently wearing a texturizer and says she now has options including perming. She was even talking about curls, saying she didn't know they still did them in the shops. The horror! Damn, I thought curls were in the past. Anytime I see someone with a curl here in Montgomery, my mind often ponders, who the hell did their hair and where do you find the kits to do them. Seriously. I told her she must do what is best for her and best of luck with her hair.

When she came to me and said Sisterlocks were too expensive, I said they are but in the long run it is cost efficient. Now that I do my own retightening and only go for maintenance issues, I am happy to have a couple extra dollars in my pocket. I also stated that braids and perms cost way more than what it will take to begin the process, however, I told her I am happy she was able to do some research and learn about them and then realize what she would be comfortable with doing with her hair. It is her hair.

(When I wore micros from 1997 - 2004 I paid $800 a year to have them done and maintained every 6 weeks. $500 for human hair extensions, which had to be specially ordered due to the length I needed and color. Hair products such as perm, shampoo and etc. $100 a year. Then I switched to kinky twists in 2004 until August of 2006. They ranged in price from $195 - $215 every 3 months. I also stopped perming in 2004 so I saved on products then and luckily I no longer had to purchase the hair. You do the math, all that added together for as long as I had the braids is way more than what I have paid to get my hair done now. These couple of thousand over a 2 year period is nothing compared to what I spent to keep the micros, kinky twists and let's not forget my perming days hair looking tight.)

It is kinda sad in a way that she cannot love her natural hair in all its kinky glory. Honestly, she wasn't comfortable with the natural tiny afro. We as black folks do not know how to handle our own natural hair and until we do, all the things that harm our hair will continue to be en vogue. I don't knock folk wearing perms, because for some this is the best way to manage their hair. However, don't ask my opinion about perms and natural hair because I am going to say natural because I see too many crispy hair folks who have foul perms and have no idea on how to care for it. Whether you have a perm, braids or natural hair, you must know how to take care of it. Healthy hair requires time to maintain and not doing so means you will be walking around with hair that is not you crown and glory!


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