Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Music legacy...What songs remind you of something nice, sweet or even bad?

One of my favorite bloggers was on hiatus for a minute and boy did I miss him. Reading his stories I either find myself laughing so hard or wiping away tears because his words touch a part of me which releases some of my pent up emotions. His most recent post was about his dad having a little too much to drink coming into his room reminiscing about music and the stories behind the songs. You know, when you hear a particular song and it brings about a memory of a different time and the effect it had on you. The story was touching and he also talked about the music of our times and our inability to reminisce about music with our children due to the crappy music out there or just music that has no redeeming value. I will be able to, but my songs don’t necessary fill the bill of hip hop, unless you count the old school hip hop, but really I am an old school music lover. I clean my house to Al Green and Marvin Gaye. What? It’s true.

I love old R&B songs because growing up that is what my mother listened to. I mean that is the only way to explain my love for Al Green. I really love Al Green. Put an Al Green song on and watch me start swaying and singing in my off key voice. “Belle” makes me fall to my knees and “Let’s Get Married” is my joint. My cell phone ringtone is “Call Me”. Marvin Gaye was my mama’s favorite and she would sing his songs. I wonder if they are singing together right now in Heaven? Growing up I listened to a lot of blues as well it is funny watching little kids singing about a "Clean Up Woman" and "Tonight’s The Night". Looking back it was funny, but I do remember not singing Millie Jackson’s records. I guess as kids we knew where the line was drawn and Millie was a bit too raunchy for my young ears.

If I had to pick a modern song I would reminisce with younger folks would by "Love" by Musiq Soulchild. I love that song and can listen to it over and over again. It is just plain beautiful and it resonates love. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a diehard Janet Jackson fan and one of my favorite songs, which I put on my book club’s website from time to time, is "I Get So Lonely". The lyrics along with the tempo of the song make this one of my all time favorites.

"I Get Lonely"

I get so lonely
Can't let just anybody hold me
You are the one that lives in me, my dear
Want no one but you
Sittin here with my tears
All alone with my fears
I'm wonderin if I have to do
But there's no reason why
I fell asleep late last night
Cryin like a newborn child
Holdin myself close
Pretendin my arms are yours
I want no one but you
I still remember to the day
In fact is was a 3rd Monday
You came along to be the one for me
Now I'm alone
Sittin here by the phone
Call and say that you're okay
So that I'll have the chance
To beg you to stay
I want no one but you
Gonna break it down
Break it down, break it down
Gotta break it down
Break it down, break it down
WhoaYou know
That I know
That I get so lonely thinking of you
Oh-hoohNoowhoahooo. . .

There are probably a few other songs to add but don't have the time right now. However, I am glad I was born in the late 60s okay 1969, and have music from the past to pass along to my nieces and younger family members. I mean I have been saying for a minute now that Hip Hop is dying and it shouldn’t die like this with nothing to offer the future. So Bruthacode thank you for taking me down memory lane.


Friday, May 18, 2007

May 9th 4 Month Anniversary

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Well it has been awhile since I blogged about anything whether it is my muse whispering or my hair needing to be seen.

I had my last retightening on April 21st. It took exactly 3 hours. Yeah! Not that I mind the 3.75 hours we normally do, but it gave me time to run a few extra errands and not be so tired before I went to my part-time job that evening. No flakiness was noticeable, which is good because I tend to fret about the cleanliness of my scalp and hair. Only problem was two different sections of locks trying to combine. I try to be meticulous in separating my locks after washing, but my arms do get tired during the process that takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or so. Yeah, I am still slow. It still takes me 2.5 to 3 hours to wash my hair. However, I am learning to use that time wisely and do household chores and such while I allow the shampoos to penetrate. One of the best parts of washing my hair is when I allow the hot water to flow through my hair. It feels magnificent. My consultant says I really should give styling my hair with rods a chance. Um, I like freestyling and I don’t think my hair is long enough for rods without having a bunch of tight curls and I prefer loose curls. I know I will style sooner or later because with length I will want to experiment. Since I am so busy i.e. lazy, freestyling is my addiction. I have been checking out Brunsli Hairties though and I have my eye on a couple of pieces, but I know once I order one it will be all over. I may not be a product junkie, but I do have an affliction to things to use for the hair. As always my retightening is fun. My consultant also wants me to start using the SL Moisturizer so off to the website to buy some and more Starter shampoo. Don’t do much reading during my retightening, but we have some great conversations. I miss that part of going to a beauty shop and although my last hair stylist was a man, we had great conversation and the stylist who did my microbraids was my friend so you know we talked about everything. Now when I wore Kinky twists conversation was difficult because of the language barrier. Overall, my hair is doing fine. I told my consultant I keep waiting for my hair to blow up and she said, “Cashana, your hair may not get much bigger than it already is.” Oh. I do feel some texture differences in my hair in the back near the crown. I got to be more patient and even though I am going into my 4th month I know my hair is different because I am different.

I am in the process of losing weight and working on a plan that will be comparable to my lifestyle. I have lost 4.6 pounds and I am proud of myself. You see I have been on numerous diets and one thing I know about myself is if I don’t see loss immediately (I need instant gratification) I will get discourage and stop. I have this plan to lose all the weight I need to by my 40th birthday. I planned to be fabulous at 40 and will celebrate for months leading to the big day. I have so much to celebrate and most of all my many blessings.

My muse hasn’t been whispering much lately. Haven’t felt like writing and most of the stuff I have been reading has been lackluster. I am hoping this month reading will pick up and my muse will start talking again.

My book club is having its annual slumber party in June. I need some ideas. Last year we had a masseuse come in and give 30 minute massages and we served martinis. This year I want to do something different just not sure what.

As you can see life with Sisterlocks doesn’t stop it keeps on pushing forward at least now I get to do it on my own terms.

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