Friday, March 22, 2013

Harrison Is Pretty Randoms…

Saturday's high bun...For book club meeting

Am I the only one thinks this has been a long week? Geez, I am exhausted.

I am so glad I finally got my Scandal fix. Seriously, these past 3 weeks have been pure torture, what is one to do? I could watch the reruns, but seriously this show takes a lot out you emotionally and I just can’t watch the reruns. Yet. LOL!

So Beyonce is Satan now? Wow! You make a record basically to shut down your haters and folks think you are the devil. Seriously, the media is controlling too many people’s lives. Get you a life. And I ain’t even a Beyonce stan. Nobody has time for this shyte!

Speaking of Satan. I have been watching The Bible series, but I catch it on Lifetime, because I am working when it airs originally. So the Satan looks like President Obama? Seriously, people? Get you a damn life.

I can’t decide if I am doing a raised garden and/or a container garden. I love my flowers and I love saving money on fresh veggies, but I am going to be out of town a bit this summer and I fear my plants will suffer. We shall see. I have some seeds. Need soil and a new raised garden container. The one I have just didn’t survive the rainy winter we had. We shall see.

I need to tell my oldest niece that I will be twerking ala Miley Cyrus at her graduation brunch. I am so serious. Okay, I am kidding, but I want to see her face when I tell her what I am thinking about doing.

I almost got sucked in last Friday thinking Lil Wayne was on his death bed. Almost. But my sister reminded me I was on the slippery slope to being obsessive about it. She went through my bout after Aaliyah died. It was bad.

I need a new recipe for something anything. Nothing right now is grabbing me and seducing me to make right now.

I have a friend who is getting married. I am trying to be supportive. I refused any thoughts of me being in the actual wedding. Been there and am still waiting on a refund on the dress material I paid for. No can do. Plus, she has failed to express the emotional feelings she has for the dude. No mention of feeling cherished, loved or even he is paying all the bills. Sighing…All I hear are what things cost for a wedding, blah, blah, blah. Marriage isn’t the wedding. That is all.

Sighing…We have a “small” family trip ahead for my niece’s graduation. I have to go. I don’t want to go. Why? Because nothing good comes from me traveling to Virginia ever. I always say my mama intervenes because something always happens. It does and I am not exaggerating. The first time after my mama died, we went for my stepfather’s wedding. I told them, meaning the adults, I didn’t want to go and there was no need in me being there. But the “adults” decided I had to go, so they decided we would leave the Friday before and get there early Saturday. Well…they should have listened to me because the van we were traveling in broke down on Jimmy Carter Blvd in Georgia and we couldn’t get it fixed until the next morning. So we were stuck in Georgia and had to sleep in the van. Ugh! After the van was fixed my uncle filled up the van and preceded to hit the car behind us and drive off. I am not kidding. We never turned back. Then we got lost in North Carolina trying to find this hidden church. It was uncomfortable asking for directions from folks with confederate flags on their businesses. To add insult to injury, my stomach decided it boil over. Sorry, folks we had to stop every 15 minutes because of my stomach. (I could be graphic, but I won’t). We made it to the wedding, when it was over. We were hungry, tired and funky. My uncle said he was going inside the church because he wasn’t funky and to be sure we understood that he decided to but cologne over the funk. Thanks. And remember the BVD commercial where the guy goes to the front desk in his underwear because he locks himself out of the hotel room? My uncle did that well before the commercial ever aired. I almost died after my brother’s graduation because my uncle decides to drive us directly into a vehicle luckily the vehicle got out of the way just in time. I saw my life pass before my eyes. Or the time I went and we had to get on 3 different airplanes before we could fly to Norfolk and then when we get there we must circle the airport because of the major thunderstorm. So my nerves were tore up, bad. So I just don’t have this great want to be in VA, because these disasters follow us there. This year 8 of us are going in a 7 passenger van for a 13 hour drive. You know I wanted to die when we went to Myrtle Beach. I gotta to go pray on this some more because the family keeps calling about how long, when, where, hotel blah, blah. I am over it already. Why the hell were they planning to be there for a week? No way. I have been to VA and have lived there briefly. No. I don’t even do beaches. Ugh! Maybe you all should pray with me?

Where will The Guy and I go for some R&R?

Blood pressure is back to normal. Or at least my new normal.

I need a new physician. Badly. I love my doctor, but his office? No so much.

Is your weather wonky? Monday we had a high of 83 degrees and we endured a hail storm, bless it my area got pea size hail (I went to praying when I heard it hitting the house). And today’s high will be 55 degrees. And it is raining…again. We are going to hell…

Can people stop using FB as the place to communicate about personal issues and their woes?  I am easily irked when you post truly personal stuff on social media, but are unable to communicate your issues with actual people and in person.  FB is the devil.

This is what I am finishing and reading this weekend.
I will do a review of Black Water Rising by Attica Lock next week.  Sinners & Saints is book club read for April

Any plans? Not for me except relax.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sorry not kiddie pictures, but my smile will hold you until next time...

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creative Cooking...Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup

I have a confession. I love black bean soup. Loves it! Unlike my sister and The Guy, I love soups from the homemade variety where you throw everything in it but the kitchen sink to my beloved tomato basil soup. Soups are comfort food and many are quite healthy for you. Black beans have a lot of fiber and protein, so what’s not to love?

If you aren’t on Pinterest, I am not sure you are winning. Seriously, I was thinking about black bean soup and what do I see, but a recipe for black bean soup on Pinterest. In fact, Iowa Girl Eats calls it the Best Ever Black Bean Soup. In fact, her recipe calls for Cilantro-lime rice, but I opted not to do the rice. In case you didn’t know I will eat rice but I don’t love rice. I just wanted the soup.

This recipe is simple and the only thing I had to buy was an additional can of black beans.

Ingredients (as adapted from iowagirleats):

1 Tbs of evoo

½ of a small onion minced

2 garlic cloves

Salt and pepper

¼ tsp of cumin

2 cans of black beans drained but not rinsed (I rinsed mine because I had generic black beans and the soup was still good)

1 ½ cups of water

1 cup of chicken broth

1 can of diced fire roasted tomatoes

Hot sauce

Cilantro for garnish

Sauteed onions and salt and pepper
Heat your oil in a soup pot over medium heat. Add your onion and season with salt and pepper until the onions are soft. Add your garlic and sauté for 30 seconds stirring constantly. Add your chili powder and cumin and sauté for 30 more seconds.
Spices, garlic and onions

Black beans, water and chicken broth

Don't let this unappetizing picture scare you, it is just pureed black beans
Add your beans, water, and chicken broth and bring soup to a boil. Then lower the heat slightly and simmer for 15 minutes. Then scoop 2 ladles of soup into a blender and blend until smooth. Then I added the soup back to the pot along with my tomatoes and added several dashes of my favorite hot sauce, because I like spicy and hot. Then I stirred it together and let it simmer a few more minutes. Serve over rice or like me in a bowl with cilantro as a garnish.

Verdict: Delicious! Oh my goodness. I wish I had made more, because it was so tasty. The sautéing of the garlic, chili powder and cumin really intensified the flavor immensely. The recipe is simple and easy. I will definitely be trying this one again. I really can’t imagine not doing it this way for now on. If you are a fan of avocado, salsa and sour cream go ahead and added. Just not my preference. LOL! If you try this let me know what you think.

Salivating, yet?


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Tuesday, March 19, 2013



I am so glad Scandal returns this week. These last few weeks without it have been so hard. I never thought I would be so wrapped up in a show, which most of America watches, like I am about Scandal.

Thursday’s are planned out. I must get home from work on time not late. I must get my things ready for the next day upon my arrival home. I must work out for 20 minutes before I eat dinner and then take a soothing and calming bath. And then I prepare to watch an hour of fast-talking drama and mouth dropping antics. I know my blood pressure rises. I know it takes at least 1.5 hours for my heartbeat to return to normal and my body relaxed enough for sleep to grab hold of me so I can get to work on Friday. The frenzy of Thursday night is real. And complicated.

I love Olivia Pope. I love how she “fixes” problems of the rich, political and famous. I love the visual of the clothing, housing and DC. I was enamored with the episode where we saw her take to her bed after being hurt by President Ghost (alla Awesomely Luvvie). I have done that before where you are so hurt and depressed over a relationship you must take to your bed. To hell with baths, eating and brushing your teeth. When it hurts, it hurts to your core and it takes a minute for you to snap the hell out of it, but not before you commune with the bed.
Shouldn't Harrison have a love interest?

I love the Gladiators in suits. They are flawed, strong, weaken but most of all they believe in the job they do and are truly committed and loyal to Olivia. They love what she stands for and nothing makes me smile harder than when Harrison puts extra bass in his voice. Seriously, that is some tingling right there. Shonda, can he get a love interest? I am available. Just kidding…kinda. I am scared of Huck one week and love him the next this pendulum is weird, but I can’t help it. Ever since he said he could skin a man, I just feel a bit creepy about him, but when he hopped in the bed with Olivia I realize he isn’t all bad, but he can skin a human being…

I love the diverse characters with their extreme issues. Sometimes the issues aren’t extreme but amplified because this is DC. Seriously, they stole the election ya’ll!

However, the show is complicated. As much as I believe Olivia and President Ghost loved each other at the beginning, now I feel some kinda way about things right now. The interracial part didn’t bother me a bit; in fact it was a welcome sight to see on television. The characters seem to really love each other and the love is mutually reciprocated. Yet…it is so wrong, so very wrong. One minute you are cheering them on and saying screw the First Lady, then you are like did he just do her in the closet? Something about that particular scene cheapened the relationship for me.

I am going to be honest with you as much as I loved the romance of Olivia and President Ghost and as much as I knew it was wrong it didn’t seem wrong until…he killed the Supreme Court Justice. Seriously, when I realized President Ghost was acting like the guy from Ghost or Goren’s brother from L&O: Criminal Intent I have been watching him with a side-eye. Me and my sister both said we don’t like him now and we need Shonda to make the killing of the Justice a dream or hell a nightmare because anything President Ghost does from this moment on is suspect. Seriously. Sighing…and I really love the love part of Scandal. Oh well, if Harrison could get some…all will be alright.

In my house, The Guy doesn’t call, text or anything during this time. My family knows I will cut you off and say, “I am watching Scandal.” Click. At 9 pm on Thursday night I am watching the last few seconds or so of Grey’s and waiting to watch Olivia in action. Scandal is scandalous but it gives me one of the few hours of actual television I enjoy every week. By the way I really need the really long stem glasses for my glass collection. Please and Thank you!

So who is watching Thursday?

*Awesomely Luvvie does a weekly recap after she wall slides on Scandal, so check it out because it is insightful and funny. 

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Rambling My New Normal...Randoms

I am back…I hope. You may want to grab a cold one or a hot drink because this sucker is long. Really long. I have tons of pictures and lots to say. I am reminded I must not ever take such a long break from blogging.

First, I would like to thank those who offered condolences for the loss of my stepfather. I am sorry I didn’t respond back, but as you can imagine things during this time were stressful and exhausting. I saw them and I do appreciate the time you took to respond.

So let’s begin the randoms and ramblings back to that week. My stepfather was in the hospital five days before my sister even knew he had been hospitalized for a ruptured appendix. When she found out on Tuesday evening she called me and I in turn called his hospital room. He told me what happened and then I admonished him for not letting his family know because he has a daughter in California and his son is in Virginia Beach. My stepfather loved to laugh and even though I was giving him the business he was laughing. He even told me to stop making him laugh because it made his stitches hurt. I told him I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it to the hospital but I was sending my cousin over to check on him. He said, “Shana, I appreciate you just calling and checking on me and that is enough for me.” Little did I know…

I implore you to make sure you have business in order. Make sure you have a will and make sure folks know what your final wishes are, because without that information things can get messy. My stepfather’s affairs were messy. He was legally separated from his wife, but he had a girlfriend who lived with him. I was the one at the hospital irked the officials were ignoring me and my stepfather’s brother to talk to the girlfriend but she told them she was his wife. My words, “He has a wife, but she lives in Virginia Beach. She will be calling so make sure you give her the information she requests.” Talking about some common-law shit. I wasn’t having it and when things went down, his first daughter had to be the one to sign papers and the girlfriend…never mind. Make sure your affairs are in order.

I got to see my brother. He flew into Birmingham and my folks picked him up from the airport. I forewarned him they were extra excited to see him so buck up and be prepared. My brother is big ya’ll. When I last saw him he was 17 years old. He ain’t 17 anymore. He gave me the biggest hug ever. But why he got to call me big sis? Geez, both my brother and sister are taller than me. Much taller.

My sister and her brood arrived Saturday evening. In fact, I was home before they got to my house and I worked that night. My sister was so frustrated trying to get to Alabama, because all the planning for my stepfather’s funeral fell on her. I told her the banks were closed and I couldn’t get her bail money if she messed someone up. At this point there were 5 people staying at my house. This is important okay?

The Sunday after they arrived, my sister went to the “country” to talk to the girlfriend. It didn’t go so well. The girlfriend said me and my cousin were starting with her. What the hell was she talking about? Mad because I told the truth in the hospital, byotch please!

Mind you I kept going to my second job and only took off 3 days from my fulltime job. This is important okay?
We were both like, "What the hell?"  Just before they left...

Lala wasn’t feeling me at all. She would be screaming and tearing up the den and as soon as I walked in the room she would shut it down. A mess. One evening she was playing with her mom’s phone so I decided to call and when she saw my face she threw the phone down screaming and hollering. A mess. Seriously, if you put her in any vicinity of me she would go to screaming. But things got better eventually.
She sees me, but she ain't acknowledging me.  And her stance was do not touch me, lady!

My sister’s stepmom and her oldest daughter arrived on Tuesday. So the number is up to 6 people in my home.

Pat was touched I invited her to stay, but I felt it was what I was supposed to do. I just prayed she wouldn’t work my nerves, because she can worry you to death if you let her. Pat had to be there because in reality, her still being married to my stepfather meant certain things fell upon her to deal with.

The funeral home that was chosen for my stepfather, wasn’t one known by me. And for the record, they were the worst I had ever had the pleasure to deal with. They weren’t like the folks who handled my mother’s, aunt’s or uncle’s funeral. My sister, brother, Pat and my stepfather’s brother had to do all the leg work. All of it. They had to go to the VA to get the flag for the ceremony, because my stepfather retired from the Navy. They had to locate the burial information. The funeral home director was late for the funeral. The notice in the paper wasn’t done to my sister’s specification. They couldn’t do a wake because the funeral home said because they were burying him on a Saturday and to do a wake on the Wednesday prior would cause problems because he was a donor. Bones, tissues, eyes and muscle donor. They told my sister he would be “leaking” before Saturday and they didn’t want that to happen. Mind you, no one could see the body until Friday before the funeral. I felt bad for my sister because I wanted him to look as good as possible. And he did. But the funeral home director was asked by my sister why they cut his beard and they said he didn’t have beard, but his side burns were too long. Liar. I know he had a beard that was absolutely beautiful it was salt and pepper and gorgeous I touched it when I saw him. I hate when folks lie to me. For the record, he was leaking on Saturday. Sighing…

The Thursday before the funeral my sister’s best friend arrived and my sister’s husband had to leave. The count in my home was up to 7. And by this point, Pat wouldn’t stop cooking and filling my refrigerator up with leftovers no one was going to eat. Seriously, by Thursday she was making some intricate dish that I knew I wasn’t going to eat. I do not under any circumstances eat white sauces. No can do. Cheese, which you know I am no fan of. I needed a break from my own damn house. My sister, her friend and I headed to the mall, Wally world and out to get happy hour drinks and eats. My nerves were on edge. When we got back home about an hour or so before Scandal, we were nice and mellow. And I politely told Pat not to cook another damn thing. My refrigerator looked like the bulbs were blown because of all the food in that sucker.

The funeral brought all the cousins together to reminisce about the old days. Why did they remember I hated to go outside? Why? I guess because I did. We (cousins) had to go to my stepfather’s home to try and retrieve any paperwork we could find. However, the girlfriend locked the door. My brother tried to break the door, but we didn’t really want to do that. I noticed a screwdriver on the porch and I ever so quietly popped the lock. When I turned around to let them know we could go in and everyone had their mouths open wide. In shock. I had to start explaining myself. “Look, I don’t do this type thing for a living, but I know how to do it and it ain’t that difficult.” Then they couldn’t stop laughing.
My gorgeous, blessed with the Voice, Niece.

The funeral went well. My sister and brother spoke so well and it was just a moving ceremony. My 18 year old niece sang the gospel song about this old building has a leak and she tore that song up. I was being a G up until that point. You know shades on and no tears. When she hit “that” note. I was done. Shades came off and tears were flowing and wouldn’t stop. I swear “that” sounded like my mama singing. We all said, “Betty Jean showed up at the funeral!” We didn’t have any visitor’s show out as anticipated because we were prepared to deal with the situation. Then we went to the gravesite which is on the church grounds, um, did I mention this was in the country? And let me tell you something, I do not care for men in uniform. Not at all. But, baby when the Honor guard was doing their thing I was in love. Those dudes were precision and they looked good as well. I had to tilt the shades because I didn’t want to miss a thing. And when they shook our hands, I think I may have held their grasp a little too long.

And as we were waiting to go back into the church, The Guy caught up with me. And ya’ll I was just so happy to see him there. To know he cared enough for me to be there for me and my siblings just meant the world to me. For the record, he meet my other family members, who live right here for the first time. I almost felt guilty about lusting after the honor guards. I said almost. Yes, he reads this blog. But he knows what is up.
The Cousins...I am still waiting on the good picture!

We got a picture with all the cousins. We only had one missing and he wasn’t able to make the funeral, but I saw him the weekend before when he came by my second job with his wild kids. They were bad rambunctious, ya’ll. Cute but OMG!

While at the repast, the cousins were cooking up a plan to find some cards and dranks for later. And my cousin was only too happy to oblige. Funerals calm me down when they are over. I just want to sleep. Some folks want to party. And they did.

I love my family but by Saturday I was ready for some quiet and my house to be clean again. Everyone left on Sunday. I washed about 6 loads of linens, clothes and towels. My goodness.

Since the funeral I have been trying to get back to my new normal. The time before the funeral was tense because they held the funeral later than expected and I tend to build up anxiety until it is over. And trying to clear things before my sister left also took time and energy.
Book club outfit...
I am vain...but my smile is beautiful!

Had book club meeting and we had a great meeting and even had an impromptu Dreamgirls movie night. Oh, and everyone enjoyed the book.

Sequestration. I can’t with the government right now. Although folks may not see the pain instantly, some will. My cousin, who works for the BOP, received her furlough letter a week before the deadline. This means I still will not get a cost of living or merit raise. Did I mention we haven’t had any of these since 2008? Did I mention the legislature has calculated some government workers pay has been cut by 1/3rd? I tell folks my check is less than it was 5 years ago.

My vision board has reaped me some wonderful blessings. I continue to review and know all that is on it will come to past when God deems it time. So I am working on my patience.

I need to lose weight. It is becoming a struggle again because they keep changing my blood pressure medicine. Yes, I am on a new one. This time I was given samples so I could gauge my reactions. One med though I just couldn’t take because my heart and mind were in conflict due to the severe reactions one could have. And the day I was supposed to start it I went to my pharmacist and he told me the effects and what happen with his wife I got scared again. He told me I should at least take the sample and see if I have reaction. No can do. I am too allergic to stuff and when you live alone this is alarming. One of the side-effects is you will become light-headed and will faint. No player. Good thing is the other med, which I didn’t have any qualms about taking is working marvelously. I purchased a new BP monitor, which had great reviews and I am ranging from 113/70 to no more 125/70. A couple times I took it right after eating and it was higher, and when I read not to do that I understood why. So hopefully, this works. Next up is to find a new doctor.

I am making smoothies to eat as snacks with spinach, carrots, apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples and green tea. Yummy!
Smoothie central...
I am still exercising at work 4 to 5 days a week. I am back on my Wii in the evenings so I can sleep at night. Insomnia is kicking my but.

You know the time changes this weekend right? I am already over it.

My hair is too long. I am over it. It needs to be cut before the summer. When I was at the hospital trying to retrieve my stepfather’s belongings I looked on the floor as we were walking out and I saw a lock on the floor. Yeah, I pulled it out of my head when I was adjusting my purse. My hair stays in a bun now. Ugh!

The weather here has been down to 28 degrees this week with a high of 72 today. I am over it.
My sister's husband gave the girls balloons...Question how were they supposed to take them on the plane.  Question:  Why are they still in my living room? I hate popping balloons

I hugged my sister’s husband. You all need to be clapping, we have come a long way, baby.
Seriously, why was my stomach out? My mom, stepfather, sister and me.

My brother tagged me in an old family picture, which was also used in the funeral program for my stepfather. Well, last Friday I looked at the picture again and I noticed my arms were folded, which is a good indicator I am mad about something. When I blew the picture up I was immediately devastated. OMG! My stomach is out. They have posted on FB a half naked picture of me. And to add insult to injury this picture was on the program in a church. I am already going to have to explain things at the Pearly Gates, this just adds to the list. My sister didn’t believe me when I said they were posting child prone, then when she looked at it closer she stated laughing. Hysterically. Why? I didn’t want my stomach out that is why my arms were folded. Dang! My sister calmed down enough to ask did I have an outtie belly button. I don’t now, was my response. SMH!

Seriously, I do not know what to do with myself without Scandal on Thursday night. It doesn’t return until the 21st. Ugh!

JR Ewing is dead. I can’t watch the entire episode. Larry Hagman’s death was hard enough, but to do it twice. I just can’t. (I may need to get some therapy).

My washing machine stop spinning and draining the day my stepfather died and when I say I had a massive meltdown that would be an understatement. But I got it fixed on that Saturday. I was so thankful.

Did I mention my fluorescent lights in the kitchen also went out that Thursday and I had a meltdown that would be an understatement. I was able to get two new bulbs for less than $3 dollars and changed them by myself. I felt like Superwoman.

With all the family staying with me made me realize a few things. I am really particular about how things are in my home. I cussed everyone out in my house the 2nd time I came home from work and the screen door was locked and I had to ring my doorbell to get in. I did. I turned all my lights back on when they turned them off, especially my stadium lighting outside for the thieves. I didn’t realize I had certain bowls or utensils but they found them. I like the bathtub washed out after every use. Every use. I don’t like greasy food. Triple Ginger cookies are loved by more than Lala. Hunny Bunny got in trouble and I babied her up, I must be getting old. Then I told her to go wipe her face because Aunt Nana doesn’t like liquids coming out of edifices on one’s body, because it is nasty. My brother and my sister’s best friend just shook their heads. I am too old for too much change. And my life was disrupted for a full week. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. Family is everything!
The siblings together after 18 years under one roof.

Enjoy your weekend. I promise to come back with less rambling and more concrete blogs soon.

Funeral look...
Just because Carson is wearing his clubbing outfit I got him for Christmas.  Too Cute!
Lala looking like she is 2 instead of 1 years old.  Seriously?

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Creative Cooking...Mini Vanilla Wafers

Mini Vanilla Wafers

As a Southern girl, vanilla wafers were the one kind of cookie you didn’t necessarily get to eat just as a cookie. Typically, they were served in grandma’s banana pudding. And Southern banana pudding is a staple in many households. Thing is, if you are health conscious, banana pudding is something one doesn’t partake of on a regular basis. I haven’t had banana pudding in 5 or 7 years. But this creative cooking isn’t about banana pudding, but one of the main ingredients of a banana pudding and that is vanilla wafers. In fact, I won’t eat a banana pudding where the ratio of bananas is more than the cookie, just won’t.

As per usual, I was on Pinterest and saw a recipe for mini vanilla wafers and figured, why not give them a try. The ingredients I already had and they looked pretty simple to make. And for the most part they were easy to make. I got the recipe from


½ cup of soften butter

½ cup of sugar

½ cup of brown sugar

1 large egg

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1 1/3 cup of all purpose flour

½ tsp of salt

½ tsp baking powder

Preheat your oven to 325 degree. Cream your butter and sugars until light. Beat in your egg and vanilla extract. Sift flour, salt and baking powder and mix with your butter mixture until combined. Yes, I did this all in the mixer.

Put your dough, which is pretty thick in a pastry bag with a piping tip, I used the one I had and it worked fine. Pipe on a parchment lined cookie sheet. The size depends on you. I did a dollop, but I found the cookies do spread and if your cookie sheet is hot, they spread even quicker. I got about 100 cookies on my cookie sheet.
Just a dollop... You see the tip I used.

Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until they are golden brown. Baking time depends on the size of your cookies and the color variation you may want. Cool on the cookie sheet. Note: they cool really fast.

Look good, but see the color variations these were on the same pan...
Verdict: Nothing to sing praises about. I didn't change this recipe at all.  First of all, the cookie dough is messy when trying to get it in the pastry bag. I should have used the clear wrap method and maybe I wouldn’t have gotten the dough all over my hands. You know I can’t stand stuff on my hands. 2nd of all not really knowing how much the cookies would spread was also a problem so of course I had quite a few cookies that melded together. 3rd, seriously the cookies didn’t all brown at the same time so I would have a pan with some dark and some too light. 4thly, there wasn't enough vanilla used in this recipe.  Finally, they just didn’t taste like vanilla wafers. I am sorry, but they didn’t. They tasted like sugar cookies. They tasted fine, but fell short of my taste buds and what I clearly remember vanilla wafers tasting like. If you try this recipe, let me know how they turn out for you. Seriously, I made them as a healthier snack for PMS week, they were okay but when you have your mind set on one taste and you get another, there is bound to be some disappointment. So yeah, I will be looking for another vanilla wafer recipe.

Tasty, but do not taste like the orig

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