Friday, May 29, 2009


Friday, May 08, 2009

If I Twittered...It would consists of this...and other Tales of Random Ish
(Completed on 5/21/09)

  • This is what it looked like two blocks from my office on May 7, 2009

  • Thank goodness it is almost Friday.

  • Why did I care that Adam lost on AI, especially since I had not seen any of the performances?

  • Is it sad that I could sing along to Rod Stewart, Lionel Ritchie, Queen and Kiss?

  • My heart hurts with the turmoil of the Gosselins. Jon and Kate + 8 is looking like the show is going to be a wrap.

  • My hair needs moisture like nobody’s business. I’ll wash it Sunday, maybe.

  • Is texting the modern way of dating? I don’t get it. I ain’t feeling it either.

  • Glad I didn’t pay for tickets to see Michael Jackson the first few shows, since he cancelled them. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t paid that kinda money and still have to travel overseas to see him. Not gonna happen.

  • New Orleans or Las Vegas? I can’t decide.

  • My BFF called me while I was working and she talked for 2 hours. I just threw in random huh, ums.

  • I am seriously contemplating not going on the family cruise next year. I am going in March with the book club and it is way cheaper. My cousin needs to find a real travel agent. Seriously, cruise ships are trying to fill up the boats because folks aren’t vacationing as uch and this particular cruise is double what my book club is paying. Ugh!

  • My youngest niece, Hunny Bunny, won two 1st place trophies in Karate for Punch and Kick and Danger Alley. What? I am still buying her a dress for Christmas.

  • Why was I crying last night because there are only 8 shows left for Jay Leno? I mean I really am happy for Conan, but Imma miss Jay!

  • Do you ever look at your phone when talking with someone who asks a stupid question? I do it all the time at work.

  • This summer is all about the Maxi dress and cute shoes. I have 4 maxi dresses.

  • My consultant is putting together a meet-up of all her clients. Can’t wait. Unless it is outside.

  • What is for dinner tonight? Haven’t eaten lunch yet.

  • I need to update my book club’s website. Maybe this weekend.

  • I hope someone BBQ’s this weekend. No one will.

  • Is it really alright to have relations with a guy, his cousin and best friend? It may not be alright, but it happen to someone I know.

  • Is being ashy really necessary in the summer? Really!

  • 8 lbs and counting.

  • I wish I could make my own hairties and ornaments. Not really I am not artistic in that way. I’d rather write about it.

  • Dick Cheney STFU! Geez, I can’t take anymore of you and your cronies hatemongering.

  • I read this particular blog that expounds on the intimate relations of random females and celebrities. Don’t judge. I am nosey and frankly half the stories are lies. One in particular involved on of my sister’s crushes and after reading it and laughing through tears as I tried to relate the gist of the stories to her was hysterical. Hey Jason!

  • I still get friend invites from Black P.lanet. I went on the site last year because of the frequent invites, because I hadn’t been on it in like 4 years. And as soon as I figured out my password and was on my page, I realize why I never really liked it.

  • I have gotten several compliments on my hair. It is just pulled back and I am wearing an Adorn by Sophia tie.

  • Happy Memorial Day! You will find me if the creek don’t rise at the house sleeping and chilling and hopefully watching mindless hours of Law & Order.


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