Monday, May 10, 2010

  • Am I the only one who thought Betty White rocked on SNL Saturday? I texted my sister and she didn't respond. Talking about SNL comes on too late. What?

  • I love Wendy William's show and I blame her for my poor sleep habits. Well, I may need to blame Law & Order SVU that comes on here after the Jimm.y Show…

  • Who knew America's Next Model was back on? I am so late so I'll just pass. Need to put that show to sleep now.

  • I baked a coconut cake for Mother's day on Saturday night. I have come to the conclusion I prefer making simple cookies.

  • Why folks up in arms about the new Supreme Court nominee? Seriously, calling her ugly is just…ugly! Yes he could have nominated a black female, but do we know if he asked one first and she said no? We don't know.

  • Why did someone want to join my book club from another state? When I explained we were a traditional club she stated she wanted to join still and we could do chats and other things to make it interactive? Seriously, there are too many online groups on the web that meet what she is looking for, why you want me to change our group after we have been doing it for 11 years? Major fail.

  • RIP – Lena Horne…

  • My sister wants locks, she is not sure what kind but she wants the ones where she doesn't have to go natural. Kinda like lock extensions. I told her to miss me with that. She's already looking for ways not to commit. Can't help ya. I told her to consider going natural for a minute and seeing if she is willing to do the work, but she shot that down. I was like locks don't mean any maintenance. Hair is a lot of work. Then she accused me of just not wanting to help her…She may be right.

  • My youngest niece told me a joke yesterday in a pirate's voice. I don't know what the joke said, but the damn voice was HILARIOUS!

  • I know folks don't really take me serious about my obsession with Law & Order (all the franchises), but it is a serious addiction. I look for some L & O every day. Let's see I can watch Law & Order every day of the week even if means getting up at 4 am to catch an episode. I am going to miss S. Epatha Merkerson, Lt. Van Buren this is her last season. On the show she is currently dealing with cancer. Ya'll may want to catch it tonight. What I am serious about Law and Order, all franchises! Right now, Law & Order: Criminal Intent is running back-to-back episodes on USA until this afternoon. Tomorrow it will be Law & Order: SVU. Get this great TV in your life. Maybe I should get a life…

  • I cannot wait until The Closer and Hawthorne return …that some good TV too!

  • Ain't much in good music out there so can't talk about that.

  • Congratulations to Bobby Brown on his engagement. He will marry his most recent child's mother.

  • I am going to say this and folks can get mad if they want to. I am so tired of seeing these so call "mistresses" on television, magazines and news. When did it become fashionable to give folks who have sex in exchange for whatever the title of star? If you are a jump-off, you need to stay in your lane and the media needs to stop giving them credit for being whorish. It is distasteful and very disrespectful to the wives and children of the male whore. And furthermore, back in the day men didn't go to rehab for cheating calling it a sexual addiction either the wives forgave them or overlooked them but you know his cheating behind wasn't going to rehab for not knowing how to say no.

  • Lawrence Taylor I can only shake my head. However, from the legal standpoint because he was in a state where the age of consent is 17, he may have to deal with the statutory rape charge, but seriously why?

  • Sandra Bullock's adopted son is gorgeous. Made me almost want to adopt. I said almost. The frightening picture my sister painted for me a few years ago kinda scared me from the idea. Don't ask.

  • I gave my book club members cookies at our last meeting because of a particular cookie mentioned in the book of the month and one of my founding members gave me the throw picture. Who doesn't love gifts?

  • Pictures coming soon…Just don't know when!

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