Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creative Cooking...

This past weekend I decided to try a new dish, because face it, my life is boring and with my hair doing nothing and no one to take care of I have to find something, anything to do.  I decided to try this dish from called Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken. 

Sometimes I am a lazy cook, sometimes I like to be adventurous and make something totally out of the box.  I need to post the next time I make this dish I call, Steak Spaghetti, which is a take on a dish I had on Air Jamaica when I went to the island, geez, 10 years ago.  Anyway, this dish caught my eye because 1) it is a weight watcher recipe, have ya'll seen J-Hud?  I digress and 2) there aren't a lot of ingredients because I felt lazy. 

I stayed pretty much to the recipe, but you know folks we got to add something.  I used skinless chicken breast, because they were on sale, Tony Chachere's instead of salt and I added a teaspoon of tomato paste with a touch of sugar.  Yeah, I know I  added some more calories, but really I only added a pinch so it will not kill ya.  The flavor when I woke Sunday morning for my workout was magnificent.  The whole house had that Tex-Mex flavor. 

All the ingredients in my crockpot

After I shredded the chicken and added it back to the crockpot

In a bowl with green onions, cilantro and grated American Cheese and brown rice. 

Another picture of pure deliciousness!

The original recipe is only 190 calories without the rice.  It was tasty and filling.  Sometimes when you eat some low in calories type dishes, they lack flavor and taste, but this is not the case here.  I plan to try out a couple other recipes as well from the site. 

And since my hair is boring and I don't have any randoms everyday I'll try to post my new dishes and recipes I try for my two loyal readers, just kidding I know folks come over here but too bad I don't have a lot of hair stuff.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

These are TMI randoms:

Every month I feel like the last b--ch to get picked for kick ball, the whipping post for slaves, evil stepmother, the devil, weepy Wilma and a big cat attacking its owner who forgot I was a big cat and not a domesticated kitten.

Seriously, my emotions are from one end of the spectrum to another. Right now, at this moment I want to fight someone and there is no one around to do so with.

I pick apart every statement said or written or text to me looking for that one thing to set me off.

I crave the hell out of chocolate only to taste a piece and think this is the nastiness mess I have tasted in years.

I am thirsty as hell. Like an undiagnosed diabetic.

I vacillate with decisions because my mind is a jumbled up mess of thoughts.

I am lazy. Yet, I want to do a lot of things all at once, like I have ADHD.

I side-eye folks obviously.

I will laugh out loud at folks, unconcerned whether they realize I am laughing at them.

The front of my damn head is gray. Do you hear me? Freaking gray. Pisses me off. It ain’t wisdom it is gray hair that will not stay in the lock.

When someone tells me something wonderful I want to be Debbie Downer and say something awful to counteract the statement.

Blond bald hair on some people is just ridiculous.

Why is it that I don’t have the obvious symptom most folks get once month, because of my procedure back in 2008, but I have everything else? I mean really I am one of the lucky (knocking on wood) 20% who doesn’t worry about a river flowing, but I’ll be damn if I don’t rage like a lunatic and bloat as if it is about to happen.

Rage. That describes how I feel.

I can’t get up in the mornings. Last week it was just the symptom of the time change, this week it is this mess.

I am sleepy and yet I am sleeping crazy. Sleep an hour, wake up, and go back to sleep for an hour and wake up until it is time to get up.

If I have to hear Marsha Ambrosia’s song, J-Hud’s song and that gosh awful Kem song again, I fear my radio is going out the window.

My post tomorrow has birds chirping and rainbows…Until then…


Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Life is so boring....Here is a boring post...

Sorry, I haven’t posted in a minute because nothing is really going on around these parts.  I am still WINNING, though.

Here is some food p.o.r.n. for you:

Since my life is so boring, I take the time to scrounge the Internet looking for unique and easy recipes.  This particular one is Kung Pao Shrimp from the site.  She has some great stuff on her site, plus the pictures have you salivating.  This dish is simple and quite tasty.  If you follow the recipe exactly, it will turn out great.  If you don’t like things too spicy I’d cut back on the Sirachi chili and I doubled the sauce so it covers the shrimp completely.  I have also done it with boneless chicken breasts.  Yum-o in the great words of Rachael Ray. (FYI - that is a saucer, which helps to control portion sizes).

I planted geraniums today in honor of my aunt.  I don’t care if my sister says I am nesting and acting old.  Gardening is relaxing and there is this feeling of accomplishment when you watch something you nurture grow.  I also planted onions, chives, sweet basil, rosemary, and sunflowers.  I also got my starter plant of mint.  Kinda eclectic.  Let me tell you it was fun doing it and in a couple of weeks when they start to sprout I am going to be a happy camper.  This year I purchase those bulb thingys for watering so I do not have to worry when I am working nights that my plants are going to dry up and die.  I also purchased a pesticide to deal with bugs.  Ya’ll know I cannot and will not deal with them damn worms.  You probably noticed no tomatoes.  Damn right.  Seriously, I was so hurt by the crackhead stealing my first good tomato and the worms eating the rest, I just couldn’t bear the possibility of heartache again.  Thankfully, my co-worker is growing tomatoes and I will have plenty to get me through the spring and summer.  My next thing to buy is roses, because I love them so.  My sister is reading this and calling me old but whatever.  I have it on a good authority I am not old.  Thanks GM!  I mean I did notice that the front of my head is beginning to turn gray, but we will not tell anyone else.  A rinse is in my future.

Anyway, I hope to come up with either some randoms or a cohesive posts soon.  Enjoy your weekend!  And if my recipe for Southwest Chicken comes out great I will be sure to post it.  What?  I have to have something to do. 

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Finally Saw My Consultant, Tammika...

Let me start by saying to the women who have had to cut their Sisterlocks out or have suffered from the effects of Alopecia, I have read your stories and I can certainly empathize with your plight regarding the loss of hair. I don’t care how many times I say this to folks, if you start retightening a lock and it seems to never get tighter and it dawns on you that it is going to come completely out in your hand, it is still shocking and very scary. It has seen me go into hysterics where I feel like I am standing on the edge of insanity. Hair loss is no joke, especially for women. Add on the dimension of being a woman of color it is just too damn hard to deal with much less put into words. The ladies’ stories that I have read did so with candor and they did it to educate us all on the importance of taking care of hair properly. Alopecia is not funny, because it is real. Now on to my consultation.

I haven’t seen Tammika in almost 2 years I think. Once she was secure in allowing me to retighten my head on my own, I was literally on my own. It was liberating and scary at the same time, but boy did it save me some money. I actually found retightening cathartic and for a soul like mine it calms my overactive mind. However, when you have over 500 locks to do, it ain’t always fun and in the beginning I was slow. I mean it could take me 10 hours to do a portion of my head. Now 8 to 10 hours split up over two days to complete my head without me getting too tired. However, last year and as I have mentioned before I had some medical issues with my blood pressure, where they have officially said I am allergic to all blood pressure meds, I had thinning and loss of locks. Well, last month I started losing locks again and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, I emailed Tammika in a panic after a total washout of tears and in complete frustration as I was contemplating cutting them out to start over. Tammika was able to fit me in on February 28 and the rest is history. By the way, I didn’t lose another lock after I emailed her. I know it was her spiritual essence that had something to do with that.

So on Sunday before the appointment, as always my way, I washed my hair so I would go to her with clean hair. During the week I retightened my head leaving a few locks here and there so she could see what was going on with my hair. Monday, I woke up sick as a dog so there was another appointment to attend to. Anyway, I was kinda nervous about seeing her because you know I have butchered her rows due to my combining locks and losing them as well. As soon as I saw her it was like we hadn’t missed seeing each other in two years.

As soon as we got to her office, she was like, “Seriously, what is suppose to be wrong with your hair? Because standing here I see absolutely nothing. Your hair is as beautiful as it was the last time I saw you.” So I begin my tale of woe and explain my concern and the fact I had been reading about folks with alopecia with Sisterlocks. She looked me dead in the eye and said, “That is what’s wrong with you. You cannot compare your hair to others and their situations.” She has never been a proponent of hair blogs because of the unrealistic expectations they can conjure up with readers.

I was a bit perplexed that she would think I would come and see her without retightening my hair though. I was like really? She said folks do that to her all the time. She said she should have known I wouldn’t do that.

We went over my regiment and then she began the search for locks to retighten and combined. She combined some and tighten others closer to the head. She explained the hair in the back that I was losing near the nape was not unusual, because she has dealt with the same thing. It has to do with the texture of those locks in the area. She explained I can’t miss locks and I must retighten with normal tension when I retighten. She said it was a good idea that I was retightening sooner than the four week especially with my exercise regimen and frequent washing. In an hour she worked on my head and we caught up on life, deaths and everything else in between. She told me I was um, overreacting and being as I termed dramatical, which I know I can be especially if I start to fixate on something. I so appreciate the time we had together and can’t wait until we do it again, but not because I think I am losing all my hair when a few locks fall out. She still didn’t want to cut my hair yet, next time though. Summer is too hot for all this hair.

I left when it was raining, which of course means nothing for us locked heads. And on my way home I was telling my sister about the appointment and her ass says, “I knew you were tripping because you had read those blogs with folks having alopecia. You started fixating and I know how you get, but I wasn’t going to say anything.” Ugh! She gets on my nerve. Enjoy the pics!

Oh my consultant wrote a book as well check it out here

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Friday, March 04, 2011


If you send me a book to review and it tells you on the website that reviews are 3 to 6 months behind in being reviewed due to a shortage of reviewers and they are done on a first come, first serve basis, what does that mean? It seems it means sending me tacky ass emails saying “4th Request” less than two months after the death of my aunt and bugging my ass when I explicitly said I would send the book back to you, but you wanted me to read it. Now two months later you are asking me about the book again. This time I didn’t give you a choice I told you I was sending it back. I started the book, but frankly the stilted dialogued couldn’t keep my attention so I put it back down. WINNING! Vent.

Speaking of WINNING, Charlie Sheen has given everyone fever this week, because he is WINNING! He also has tiger blood and is a warlock. I will say it gave me comfort to know that my family is not alone in it casts of crazy characters.

Did you all see Diana Ross on Oprah? Man, I reminisced all night about wearing a sweater over my head for her hair and singing her songs. Oh and let’s not forget her concert special that played on H. B. O. almost every week for goodness knows how long. My poor sister thought it was a regular television show.

No I didn’t watch the Oscars. It had a whiteout this year.

All my cooks (on second job) want to be off one weekend during spring break. Breaking news, it ain’t going to happen. Go ahead and call in sick, I hope you don’t need a job.

You want a book to read and laugh out loud while doing so? Check out A Kettle of Vultures…Left Beak Marks on My Forehead by Sabrina Lamb. Marinate on that title.

My sleeping this week was pretty good. You know I suffer from insomnia? Last week I slept one night an hour and a half. The next morning at work I wanted to cry so bad because I was so tired and frustrated. Not a good look.

My cousins and I finally cleaned out my aunt’s closets. If you know you haven’t worn a size 16 in years where are you scavenging all those sizes? Why did they tell me no more wine because I was WINNING, by working them like field slaves? Their words not mine. I just wanted to get done because they wanted to have some type of slumber party. That would be a negative. Work. Finish. You go home. I go to bed.

I haven’t had my heater on in two weeks. We are WINNING in Montgomery.

When you are having guests over, please plan your menu. We can tell when you don’t.

I tried the McD’s oatmeal. It was yummy, but too many calories and not worth it with all those carbs. In other words it ain’t healthy. Lucky I had a free coupon.

I sent this picture to my sister on Saturday saying, “I am so damn cute.” She responded, “and so vain!” She is just jealous because I am WINNING!

I can’t watch the new season of Hoarders on T. L. C. the first episode had me so mad and angry I couldn't see right and I only watched 10 minutes. That type of crazy should not be seen on television.

Does anyone else get fever from watching Fatal Attraction on Animal Planet? OMG! Folks will have real live tigers and keep them like they are damn cats or Chimps like they never grow up and are stronger than two grown men on steroids.

Spring and summer shoe time. Ladies get those pedicures up to par. Speaking of nails…

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects? For a person with a touch of OCD, who am I kidding, a person with OCD who cannot wear polish because if it chips I have to take it off immediately with my teeth. Don’t ask. It is a welcome event, because now I can wear pretty polish and my nails can look good for days and days before my brand of crazy appears.

I may try the garden thing again, but as soon as a worm appears I am done. But I so want to be WINNING with this gardening thing.

I know I am wrong, but I take pleasure and some type of solace and humor from telling Telemarketers that my aunt passed in October and hearing them stumble and stutter over their sincere apologies. Well, they don’t call back anymore. What? I am WINNING.

I so want to watch Celebrity Apprentice, but they got too many of us on there and that is a recipe for pure drama. All I can say is Trump is WINNING.

Hopefully, I’ll be back next week with my story of my visit to my consultant. Think DRAMATICAL.

On behalf of Charlie Sheen and me have a WINNING weekend!

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