Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Someone forgot who the Commander-in-Chief is.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So I think I have a Green Thumb...

Not really, but according to my sister since I am getting older I am starting to nest.  Yeah, right.  I decided I wanted to grow some tomatoes and herbs especially after I saw a sharp spike in tomatoes at the grocery store.  Hence, my container planting.

Let's just say I read a few articles on the Internet on what would be the best things to the easiest to grow.  So off to the local Wally world for seeds and plants.  I ended up purchasing seeds for basil and cilantro and a tomato plant and mint plant.  I spent an hour reading the labels on the potting soil and when I finally decided I was good to go. 

The week I purchased the items, was also the week of my cousins graduation from college with his BS in Psychology.  So that Sunday while my aunt and I relaxed I planted seeds and planted the plants in bigger containers.  Then I crossed my fingers hopping this would work out. 

                                                     This was about 2 weeks after planting.

This was on 6/10/2010

I discovered my first tomato on 6/10/10
Oh, my another tomato!
Basil from May until June.  Big growth!

Here are my mint and cilantro plants:

Not quite a green thumb, but I am growing somethings!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot As Hell Randoms

Hot as Hell Randoms…

  • Seriously, I don't know where you are, but here in Alabama it feels like the bowels of Hell times 100!
  • Plus it doesn't help that Sears Repair sucks. Our central air conditioner has been out for 3 weeks. Since we have a Master Maintenance Agreement, we call them to fix our appliances but they scheduled us on June 9th for repair, but on that day they called to reschedule, which pissed me off. I had to argue, cuss and be on the verge of tears before they could reschedule us for this week June 16, 2010. Which means if we had gone with their original reschedule of June 21, we would have been without air for a month. Now, we do have a window unit in our den, but it doesn't cool the entire house. And ya'll know my aunt is elderly and has medical issues, but does Sears really care? They told me we could rent two window units, but I was like, "Where they do that at?" I don't know of anywhere that air conditioners can be rented. Plus, we have an alarm system and the majority of our windows are on sensors so we can't just take them off without repercussions costing us some money. Anyway, God was looking out for us because we have one window with no sensor and I went out and purchased a window unit and now the back of our house is at least livable. Seriously, have you ever tried sleeping in heat it will bring you to tears or murderous. Any bets on how long we will be without A/C? Ugh, if I think about this too long I will be in a dark place all day. Moving on…
  • In the slide show the pictures include pictures of my hair from May, pictures of my hair after a flexi rod set when they were first taken out, and a week later, my family at my cousin's graduation from A&M which also includes pictures of my aunt and just random shots which show my weight loss.
  • Hip Hop Honors. I enjoyed the show, maybe because I am from the south and the music is what is prevalent here and back in the day I was in love with hip hop. Nowadays, not so much. My sister and I put our heads down in shame because of our immediate need to drop it when Luke and the 2 Live Crew was on. It is so shameful to know MSH will make me still lose my ever loving mind.
  • It is so hard for Michael Jackson to rest in peace. Fail to Joe Jackson.
  • You know what really made me mad last week? Seeing photos of Gary Coleman in the hospital. There is a special place in hell for folks who use death as a way to garner money. How about a novel approach? Get a dayum job!
  • Why did I start planting a few items only to forget I am deathly afraid of bugs. Why did I decide after seeing a hornworm on my tomato plant I was done with planting? Why on my 2nd job did the owner's mother tell me to shake it off and stop being silly? If she hadn't raised her voice I would have just let the plant die.
  • It is so nice to know that so many folks in this here US of A blame every problem on President Obama. (Pure sarcasm) You know he is the reason we have an oil spill in the Gulf, right? FMWTBS!
  • The Te.a Party folks scare me because they perpetuate a lot of racist ideas.
  • Diddy says no more kids without being married and he doesn't believe in children out of wedlock. Yeah, I got a serious side-eye going on.
  • The neighbor across the street who was on a payment plan for my uncle's Cadillac has signs in his yard that say "Christ is Alive." Every time I see them, I think, "Christ is Alive and he wants you to pay your bills." Only owes $250.00 that should have been paid in 2009. I wonder what would happen if we repossess the car and put it in our drive-way.
  • I can't wait to see Karate Kid on DVD. You know I don't go to the movies.
  • Why can't female rappers just get along? Their beefs are so ridiculous and instead of putting out good music they are hating on each other, not giving credit where it is due and having other artists weigh in on their drama. Get it together people.
  • There are several websites coming out showing folks that Black women are loved and are getting married. Thank goodness because the media has folks up in arms.
  • My youngest niece, Hunny Bunny, didn't realize I was on the phone when she told her mother I was OLD. When her mama put her on the phone I said, "You know you are going to get a whipping, right?" She immediately started back tracking and stuttering. LOL!
  • My oldest niece is on perpetual punishment. I told her mama she wasn't going to like her at this age. Thank goodness it is only a phase; the question is how long will it last. Mine lasted for a year.
  • Vince Young – I can only shake my head. Why can't these athletes stay out of the str.ip clubs?
  • I wrote a long letter to NBC about the loss of my Law & Order. It is on my book club website.
  • I guess Tre.y Song.z aint' going nowhere since he is going on tour with Monica. Dayum!
  • Congrats to Denzel Washington and Viola Davis for their Tony wins.

Here's hoping we get some relief from this heat.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally Pictures...

Here are some pictures of the hair, weightloss and my cousin's graduation...enjoy!

Friday, June 04, 2010


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