Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Birthday Hair


Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm Bored!!!

Don't get me wrong I love having Sisterlocks, but I am bored with my hair. Why, you may ask? My hair is acting up. Seriously, it is acting a plumb fool. I usually love how my hair looks after a fresh wash, but um, it looks like a big ole afro. It is big. And the ends, ohmygoodness, they are shedding like crazy. I mean I know I am suppose to keep my hands out of my hair, but I do like the texture and find myself playing in my hair constantly, however, those pesty ends keep coming off. Did I mention I have a lock that is longer then any other lock on my head? This is what happens when you don't get your hair cut before your installation.

I need to get me some headbands or something because I really can't do much with my hair right now. I know some of folks are like roll it, um, I am lazy. Maybe I should say busy, yeah that sounds better. And I pity my poor consultant and my pocket on my next retightening since we decided to try 5 weeks, cause my new growth in the back is ridiculous. I gotta wait two more weeks! So not only do I have big hair, I got new growth making my hair look even bigger.

Why do people keep asking me if I wash my hair? My hair ain't dirty, but I just keep wondering why folks think I would not wash my hair just like they wash theirs. The technique is different, but the outcome is the same -- clean hair and scalp. It is probably because of my big hair.

Do know I realize this is just a stage my hair is going through and right now it is being unruly, belligerent and non compliant almost like a teenager.

My 8th month anniversary will be here in a couple days along with another birthday. I have no plans for the day except rest all day. If I can. Maybe dinner out with some friends, but relatively quiet. Can't go too far with this big hair though...Just kidding! I love my hair and that is probably why I am typing this with one hand because my other hand is in my Sisterlocks!

I'll have pictures later...

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