Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saddness Prevails

I don't know if you remember or have read my blog from beginning to now, you will remember me mentioning my uncle. On Tuesday, he had a massive heart attack and died. As you can imagine, we are sad and are trying to deal with the loss and be strong for each other. I hope to be back posting soon, but right now as you can imagine I must deal with the loss. I found my peace with him a while ago and he found peace recently and knowing that made the loss understandable, if not easier to accept. I also believe that the loss of my boss in July prepared me for my uncle's death. I do know that he didn't suffer and he was at peace. Before I left for work that morning, he and my aunt were laughing and talking about the Today Show.

Life is too short, but accepting and understanding folks flaws never takes away from the love you have for them.

My uncle was my mother's brother and no matter what he was always there for my mother and for her children. One quality I could always appreciate about him was his ability to always take charge and make sure you had what you needed. He did for everyone and everyone knew Big John. So he will be missed.

Goodbye and goodnight, Uncle John!


Monday, November 05, 2007

What kinda weave you got in your hair?

Yep, I was just asked this question yesterday. I could do nothing but smile and politely say, "This is my hair." This lady was very complimentary before she asked this unbelievable question. "Yo, hair is so pretty. I like that. What kinda weave you got in your hair?" She also asked what did I put in my hair and I explained nothing and that I was in the process of locking my hair by the method of Sisterlocks. She responded, "Oh, it is so pretty." So I couldn't get indignant due to ignorance. Here in Montgomery, having a weave is the in thing, unfortunately they are usually the kitchen beauticians doing them so there is a lot of visible glue and tracks. I hate to see them tracks.

I get my hair retightened on Thursday, thank goodness because my hair is so thick at the roots. Plus, with my book club's literary event Saturday, my hair cannot look like a mini afro. Really, it doesn't look like that, but some days it is big. Really. Seriously.

While I am mentioning my event, I cannot wait until it is over. I am ready for my life to get back to some sense of normalcy.

Do you all realize Thanksgiving is two weeks from Thursday? Time is going by fast and I need to relax and enjoy it. Soon. Seriously. Really.

I am looking forward to the holidays so I can practice my culinary skills and spend time with my family. Oh, let's not forget the day after Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. Yep, I love to get out in that maddness and I am usually home by noon and back in my bed sleeping. Seriously. Really. I don't know why I do this, but I just like the idea of getting a bargain even though I cannot and I mean I absolutely abhor random people touching me. I cannot tell my tolerance level and when it is time to go. I get mean and ugly when folks keep touching me and I start snapping when it is getting late into the morning. Before I step out at 4:45 am, I have a list, my coupons and sales paper and in order of which stores to hit up first and so forth. I am no joke. This year my sister will be with me and the two of us together (looking a hot mess. Can't be cute when you shopping like this). You just roll out of bed into your sweats, wash the face and brush the teeth and a little deodorant and out the door.) Should be a blast this year.

Anyway, I am rambling but I did want to share with you about my encounter yesterday. Weave indeed!

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