Monday, October 19, 2009

Me vs. Hair Controversy

Well there have been a lot of things going on in the black hair world. Some of it positive and some negative. Lucky for me, nothing is going on with my hair at all. BORING. Anyway, let's talk about a couple of things going on that have sparked some controversy in the hair world.

GOOD HAIR the documentary done by Chris Rock is really shaking up the black community. I haven't seen the movie and it doesn't look like it is coming to my area, but I have seen the countless interviews done by Chris and Nia Long. The message according to them is, "Good hair is whatever makes you happy." So why folks all up in arms saying he has put "our" business in the streets and white folks asking whether their hair is weave or not. Please. Folks are tripping. It ain't that serious and if it is, tell that to the mother whose child was beaten to death. Really.

I am so tired of the black hair debate, I have contemplated taking down this blog. My reason for created it was to give newbies guidance through this locking process. Now that my hair journey is well over two years old, my hair is doing its thing and there is nothing to talk about. I did have the foresight to make sure that my blog would include my opinions and ideas on other topics of life. Right now, I am glad I made the decision to lock my hair. I like my hair some days, I hate my hair some days and for the most part I am indifferent to it now. I am not my hair and there are just too many other things going on in my life for me to constantly fret about my hair and give a damn what other folks think of it.

GOOD HAIR is supposed to give you a funny and insightful glimpse into an industry that makes over $9 billion dollars every year, which only a very small portion is being made by some of the major users of the product. Black hair makes money. Black hair is taboo. Black hair is controversial. Black hair should just be beautiful in whatever way you choose to wear it. My only caveat is it should be healthy. Where I live, I cannot tell you the number of folks walking around with dry, brittle, track showing, over-processed, too tight braids and unhealthy hair. That never looks good, but I look and keep it moving because it is not my hair. If someone asks me my opinion on perms, I say I personally will not be getting another perm, because I just don't think the chemicals are really healthy for my hair. However, I love when I see a good healthy head of permed hair. Beautiful. That I like. However, I am often pissed when I hear folks say something akin to "not everyone can wear natural hair." Why not? You were born with hair that was not chemically processed. Hopefully, you didn't get a perm as a toddler. You may not be able to wear every natural style, but bump that you can't wear the hair God gave you. If I didn't have Sisterlocks, baby I would be wearing my hair in a curly fro, twist outs and on occasion flat ironed. However, the most important thing is my hair would be healthy. As I said in this past Saturday's book club meeting, you may think you can't wear natural hair and you dread the fact of it "turning back" if you couldn't put a perm in your hair, you would be ingenious enough to figure out a way to wear your hair, because we are resilient like that. Folks hating on the truth being spoken in the documentary, are dealing with their own issues with hair. Our hair needs get to a place where it doesn't have some type of stigma associated with it. You do you. I am going to do me. I don't care what anyone thinks about it. Seriously, it so empowering to know your hair is not you.

Let's not forget the article written in Newsweek by black journalist, Samuels condemning Zahara Pitts-Jolie's hair. Are you kidding me? There is not enough news to talk about so you want to talk about a 4-year olds hair. I look at that beautiful black child and I love her curly, healthy black hair. The author talks about her looking unkempt and how children should do what everyone else is doing. Please, my niece cut her hair into a Mohawk. Children don't have to conform to anything the masses are doing. I don't believe in following along behind others, why would I want that for my child. And if that is the only way for me to get respect from the masses, I will never be respected. Who the hell does Zahara have to please? She is a child, no damn body! Ms. Samuels calling that child hair bad is a disgrace. We have to work so hard teaching our children male and female we are beautiful because the images they see don't look like them and we have to ensure they know our skin, our hair, and our culture are things to behold and take pride in. Calling a child's hair bad, when she is wearing her natural hair shows a lack of respect and implicitly states a child natural hair is unworthy. No ma'am, I will not adhere to that belief. I teach beauty in all shapes, colors and differences. Ms. Samuels would do to take some time and find true newsworthy topics to discuss instead of demeaning a child for what God has given her, good hair – you know the hair that she likes and makes her feel good. (FYI – there was an article not too long ago in reference to Zahara's hair and Angelina stated that when they tried to put bows and such on her Zahara's hair she would immediately snatch them out, so they let her hair be free. Let's not forget Brad Pitt saying he uses Carol's Daughter products on her hair. If Zahara's happy with it, who are we to judge?).

I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick of folks and their hair hang ups. Be happy in whatever way you wear your hair. Seriously, the only opinion that matters is yours.

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