Monday, February 14, 2011

Randoms:  Valentine’s Day, Music, Weather, Hood Rich Edition

Before I begin, I have been crazy busy so I haven’t had much time to post as much as I would like to, plus there hasn’t been much funny to talk about lately or maybe I just haven’t had time to check the funny that is happening all around me.

So let us begin:

  • Um, around these parts folks have gotten their tax refund checks. So, on my second job I have felt like pulling my hair out because everyone is hood rich now. You know what I mean. They have their checks and have cashed them and they are spending up a storm and in two weeks they will be broke and in 3 months their new cars will be repossessed. Or, they quit their jobs because they got a $9,000 check and they ain’t got to take this sh#%. So during the month of February it is like full moon night every day. Folks act like they have lost their minds. A group of hood rich young ladies came to the store at 8:58 pm Saturday saying, “Ya’ll open and we in here now. Whoop! Whoop! You got to serve us.” Yes, loud and ghetto fabulous. I had to locate the cashiers to take their orders because I had already had a run in with a hood rich man and I knew me interacting with them was not going to be a pleasant experience. When they tried to pay with the obligatory $100 bill, (Because when you are hood rich you have to floss with big bills.) I kindly stated, “No, ma’am. We cannot break another bill tonight.” Somehow she had the correct change in her purse. Thank you and goodnight.

  • Yesterday the temperature was in the mid 60s. Why did folks have on shorts and flip flops? Seriously, all last week the temperature never went above 50 degrees and the lows were in the 20s. Stop the foolishness and put some damn clothes on before you catch pneumonia or the flu.

  • I love to listen to our local oldies with new hits slow/mid-tempo music channel at work. However, I am perturbed with the music selections. They tend to play the same songs over and over again. Now the songs I do like, they don’t get the same rotation. For example, I am so glad El Debarge has been given a second chance but if I have to hear, “All I want to do is lay with you…” anymore! I liked it in the beginning, now I hate it. Or Tank’s Emergency song. Tank can’t sing me any songs because of the song he had out about chasing the girl down the street and choking her, yeah, no thank you! And the new Kem song, sounds like a broken record that has been scratched as he sings the same words over and over again, “Share my life baby, share my life baby, share my life my girl, Share my life baby…” Over and over, damn!

  • I wouldn’t take my rant on music too seriously since I am still jamming to No Hands and love all the stuff my Nicki Minaj. Yeah, side-eye me. It ain’t right, but this is what my music selections have come to.

  • Nope, I didn’t see the Grammy’s but I have seen the pictures. I keep wondering how Lady Gaga is going to top herself at each appearance. I guess arriving in an egg was her show topper. Wow!

  • I love the only performance I saw and that was B.O.B., Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae. It is those performances that make me want to be able to sing because they really love music and put their heart into their performances and they are not trying to just be stars, they love music. Loves it.

  • The song I keep playing over and over again is Melanie Fiona’s Gone and Never Coming Back. I am totally feeling that song. Then I’ll listen to Love by Musiq Soulchild, just to break up the monotony.

Things I love as part of my Valentine’s Day randoms:

  • I love that last week my youngest niece was in her room crying because she put a hole in one of the night gowns I gave her for Christmas and she thought I actually was coming to Virginia Beach to whip her. Especially since I have never whipped her. Funny.

  • I love my oldest niece has a perplexed look on her face because I asked that she call and give me the TALK since I never got the TALK when I was 16 years old and her mom gave it to her. She wants to know why she has to give me the TALK. Love the uncomfortable feelings she is experiencing now as she thinks she has to give me the TALK.

  • I love when my family realizes our family is touched. Not by an angel either. Too bad I didn’t get to experience my uncle’s father’s funeral where the ability to realize your family is a bit different was quite evident.

  • I love that my stepfather likes calling me, but I love that I have caller ID and don’t have to experience his brand of crazy but once a quarter.

  • …What? You don’t like my love randoms? Hey, Valentine’s Day is just another day to me, but I don’t knock those who love the holiday. So Happy Valentine’s Day to those who believe and to those who could give a damn, enjoy your week!

P. S. I get to see my consultant on February 28th. Yeah!

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