Monday, April 25, 2011

Gardening 2011
                       You remember this right?

Wondering how the gardening is going so far this year? Well, it is going. In fact, I look forward to getting up in the morning and spending time with my plants and coming home in the evenings to do some watering and checking on their progress.

My rosemary didn’t sprout and I am not sure why. I tried and I tried and then I just dug around in the container to see if anything tried to sprout, but nothing did. So I purchased another package and I am sprouting them in the house then I transplant them in the container later. Nothing yet there either. I need to do some research on those suckers.

During my mini-me relaxation vacation I also planted roses and some garden flowers in a container.  We shall see how they do.  I purchased a Hybrid Tea Rose in Red and Queen Elizabeth in Pink.
                                                          This was taken Thursday 4/21 morning.
                                                               Thursday 4/21 Evening
The plants in the largest pot are Sunflowers and I cannot wait until there are real Sunflowers there, because you know Sunflowers make you smile.  You see how well my mint has spread.  I'll need a new container soon.  My cilantro is coming along and faster than it did last year.  My basil is also doing well.  The small container next to the rectangle one was my Rosemary.  The green pot are my chives and green onions them little things sprout everywhere, but when will they get bigger.  Geez!  Oh and let's not forget my Geraniums

As you can see they are still blooming and filling out.  Let's see how things go next month.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before Easter Randoms...

I woke up wrong today. I really did. I woke on the wrong side of the bed, head at the foot of the bed and on my back. Well that is what it felt like when I finally woke up. I dragged my evil azz out of the bed cursing under my breath. How does one wake up feeling like shyte, when they went to bed feeling like the world is their oyster and feeling loved. I woke up like a stepchild to the evilest of stepmothers.

Then I paid bills. Enough said.

For all the politicians who are making the “hard decisions”, your constituents see you. Enough said.

Where is my gift card for my broken and static ridden radio that was broken by the cleaning crew?

When you go to an agency you were a former worker and all the workers there look stressed and overweight, you know you made the right decision and give praises to God for delivering you from that manifestation of stress.

It is okay no one ran up to hug me, but they smirked, “Hey, Cashana.”

I am not getting married. I can’t have children. So stop asking and hoping and praying for the impossible.

I need another mini-me vacation. I do.

I like Fantasia’s Collard Greens and Cornbread song, but just between you and me, I can’t stand either of those two foods. At all.

I walked and jogged extra hard today to get rid of the negative vibes swarming around me and it worked a little bit. Wish it had worked a whole lot.

My sister has become self-conscious about my blogging, always worrying if a blog worthy story will be put on my blog. I told her no one reads my blog. She said that was a lie, she says I have a following. I told her I only have a few comments. She said that was a lie too. I think she is paranoid.

She told me a funny one yesterday involving my 16 year old niece who wanted to get her hair done before she returns to school (they are on their spring break right now). When my sister demolished her plan, she texted my sister with a plea to at least perm her hair because get this, “I am feeling really ugly right now.” First of all, I have mentioned this before my nieces are as vain as I am. We have never seen a mirror that didn’t like us. She was playing on my sister’s emotions because my sister is really sensitive to self-esteem and body image. I laughed. And laughed. My sister didn’t find anything funny about it and said it better not end of on the blog. LOL! Dare me. I don’t run from dares.

My cousin broke her foot. I told her I am enjoying life too much right now for me to have to take care of her, dayum it!

I am feeling better now. Here’s to a Good Friday to everyone. I will be right here at work and wonderful Easter.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Long-winded and Long Weekend Randoms...

Let’s see, do you know how it feels to be off three full days from both full and part time jobs? Absolutely wonderful. Prior to this mini-me vacation, I would have said absofcuklutely. I had learned creative uses for the word fcuk. Why? Everyone, especially the kids on my second job, had worked my last working nerve.

So let me describe the greatness of being off. On Friday, I got up early did the elliptical machine, heck this was the only time I did it this weekend, but I did get in a good work out Saturday, without actually working out. Winning!

On Friday I decided to purchase my rose bushes and get some more gardening supplies. Can someone tell me why planters cost a mint at small nurseries and cheap as hell at the Wally World?

Why did my local Wally World have signs posted that stated, “Wal-Mart will officially have new hours beginning April blah, blah. The new hours are 6 am to 12:00 pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Blah, blah.” You notice the problem? When I read it, I shook my head saying, “My people, my people.” I asked the greeter about the hours and said, “Your sign says you will close at noon, because 12:00 pm is noon and they need to correct it.” He didn’t understand what I was saying. Someone else must have said something because before I left they were in the process of changing all the signs. Guess they didn’t proofread before they posted.

I ended up having to go to the local hood Wally World, which I deplore with all that is humanly possible. Two weeks ago they shot a shoplifter who was trying to flee the scene after hitting a police officer in her car. Yeah, it is truly gangster at this particular Wally World. They had plenty of rose bushes though, I should have known. However, why were there only 3 that were worth taking home? The others were dying or dead because they haven’t been watered in a month of Sundays. I told the cashier in the garden section and she said this one looks fine. I side-eyed her and explained the majority of the rose bushes hadn’t seen any water and they may want to check on them. You know they ain’t busy; she and the other worker should have been working on the flowers.

However, I went to this Wally World in the afternoon trying to beat the storm. Why was I in the local dollar store purchasing plastic drain pans and the Tornado sirens went off? Yeah, I was in the store thinking please hurry up so I can get my behind home ASAP. But you probably know already they only had one cashier, and fiftyeleven folks in line. A customer in line asked if they had someone else to come and assist her and the cashier said the other young lady was on break and by law she must have her break. Damn, they are serious about breaks at the dollar store.

On Thursday night I did my taxes. What? I always have to pay and when you have to pay you mail them in on the tax deadline day. Yes, I mail them. Damn the electronic filing I normally have to pay. All I knew was before I did them and depending on how much I owe would determine how many shoes I can purchase on Friday. What? I love my shoes. Since I don’t owe anything and what I get back will not put two fill-ups of gas in my car, I needed to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than with some shoes?

On Friday, I did get three pairs of shoes and one purse. Winning!

Friday night we were still dealing with the remnants of the storm, which incidentally killed 45 people over the weekend from the monstrous tornados. I was a bit nervous being home alone, but with a glass of Pinot Noir I was able to relax enough to watch, Why Did I Get Married Too, hoping I didn’t lose power.

BTW, I liked the movie, but it was entirely too long. The Rock at the end…Yummy!

Saturday morning I got up to do my gardening, since the storm made it impossible to do on Friday. But since it was really cool that morning, I washed my car. I haven’t washed a car in 11 or 12 years. I did a pretty good job; she was shining a little bit.

I replanted a peace lily, planted some garden flowers and my two rose bushes in containers and feed all my plants. Then I decided to take me a nap, and boy was it a good one.

Saturday night I watched For Colored Girls and Hustle and Flow. I love me some Terrance Howard all sweaty and talking like folks from Memphis. I had to re-watch For Colored Girls because the 1st time was at last month’s book club meeting and you know how women get so chatty during a movie. And I had one or three glasses of Pinot Noir.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how wonderful Pinot Noir is? OMG, I love that wine and the way I was drinking it all weekend there was no denying it. Thank goodness I had a big bottle of it. Don’t side-eye me, the smaller bottle cost more.

I enjoyed spending some quality time Saturday evening watching movies, enjoying my wine and my company. Don’t ask because I don’t talk about that on this here blog.

Sunday, I woke up at 10 am. I haven’t slept this late in a longtime.

Sunday’s late start made that my official be lazy day and I definitely enjoyed my last day off.

Have you seen Black Swan? I encourage you to do so. That was like one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It was magnificently dark, moody, emotion-filled and artsy.

Then I followed it up with Obsessed. You know the movie with Idiris Elba and Beyonce. Let’s just say this could have been a Lifetime movie. Beyonce needs more people. I couldn’t get a grasp of her actually feeling the need to whip old girl’s behind, she needs more life experiences for it to be convincing and I just wasn’t convinced. But I was entertained by all that Idiris embodies.

I tried to get an early start to bed Sunday night, but since I didn’t wake before 10, I missed the early showing of Joel Osteen. Oh well, as soon as it went off I was sleep within 10 minutes last night.

Then I woke up and it was Monday morning and I am tired as hell. What happened to my relaxed mood from the weekend? My sister texting me like it is 10 instead of 6 am. Ugh!

Then I get to work and right before I get to my office, my co-worker tells me the cleaning folks broke my radio’s antenna on Friday. WTF? Are you serious? How you dusting and breaking shyte? There goes all the relaxation I had from the weekend. Now my azz is pissed. I need my radio to make it through the day even if they play the same damn songs over and over again. BTW, I have had the radio for over 14 years; it can’t really be replaced because they don’t make them like this anymore. They offered $20 to replace it. Yeah, as I sit here with a radio with scotch tape on the antenna trying to listen to music over the static.

Then folks are calling on my phone, emailing requests and I haven’t had a chance to drink my coffee. Ugh! Welcome, back to the real world!

So why is my best friend calling me at 9 am like I ain’t at work. Damn it! She needs to get a job; folks cannot be on their jobs talking to her for 2 hours about nothing. I didn’t answer because I was busy.

I am calmer now though and I am so thankful I could take a few days for myself and I enjoyed every minute of it and I will continue not take my life for granted.
                                This was done Saturday morning and I took a picture, because it was so apropos.

Hope your Monday started off relaxed and your week is wonderful!

                                    April's Hair picture.  Soft Spike curls.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Creative Cooking Part 3...

Yeah, I seriously need to get a life, but alas, this is my life.  In between working two jobs, working out at work and at home, gardening (ok container gardening) and reading I find time to cook when I am bored.  On April 2, 2011, I decided I was going to replicate the Bang, Bang shrimp I love from Bonefish Grill.  You know you can google anything on the Internet, right?  Well that is just what I did.  And after reading reviews of folks who had tested the recipe I was ready.  All I needed was some shrimp and Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.  And since shrimp was on sale...What's a girl to do?

I rinsed my pound of peeled and deveined shrimp and dried them and then tossed them with cornstarch as I heated my Canola oil in my caste iron skillet.  My skillet is old and pretty much has been passed down in the family so you know it is well seasoned. 

To make the sauce you need 1/2 cup of mayo (I use Miracle Whip.  I don't like real mayo. Don't ask.), 1/4 cup Thai Sweet Chili Sauce and 3 drops or to taste of Sirachi Chili sauce.  That is it.  (If you don't add the shredded lettuce and green onions.) Now you know I had to add some things.  I don't know why I can't just follow the damn directions.  Anyway, I added a pinch of salt to the sauce and I added way more than 3 drops of Sirachi Chili sauce because it didn't taste like the Bang, Bang shrimp I was accustomed to.  I also added a bit more of the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.  I kept adding things and tasting until I felt it tasted just like the Bang, Bang sauce. 

After I fried up the shrimp, I tossed them in the sauce.

                              I was surprised the shrimp brown accordingly w/just cornstarch.

After I coated the shrimp completely, I plated without the lettuce, but with the green onions.  And let me tell you, they tasted just like the Bang, Bang shrimp from BFG.  And the longer they sat in the sauce, oh boy the better they tasted.  I even took the leftovers to my second job and allowed the cashiers to taste them and they loved them.  They wished I had given them more.  Um, I gave them over a half of pound of shrimp, because I didn't trust myself to not eat the entire pound by myself in a 24 hour period. 

                                              Final presentation and again on a small saucer.  LOL!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

With Age Comes...Adult Onset Allergies...

Do not read this post before eating or directly after eating. You have been warned…

Since I was very young say about 4 years old I have had an aversion to cashews. Literally, I can see pictures of cashews and get extremely nauseated. One day when my mother worked at the local K-Mart, we went to pick her up and back then they use to roast cashews all the time. You all remember when you could buy a sub sandwich and roasted nuts and chocolates in the middle of K-mart? Whatever. Maybe I am older than most of you. Anyway, when we arrived and went into the store I smelled those cashews and before I could say I need to go to the bathroom I had thrown up all over the freshly waxed floor. I remember standing there in a bit of a shock. I also remember my mother being embarrassed, but somehow we didn’t have to clean that mess up. I remember that day like it was yesterday because all I remember smelling was those damn cashews. My only explanation for my severe dislike for the nuts is my mother must have eaten the hell out of them when she was pregnant with me because I shouldn’t have had such bad reaction to just smelling them joints.

Needless to say, eating cashews is not one of my hobbies. I do not eat them, do not like to smell them and please no pictures of them damn nuts either. Seriously, even typing this right now has my stomach queasy.

What brought on the walk down memory lane? I was reading a blog post today about adult onset allergies. This blogger is having intolerance or an allergic reaction to almonds. I was like OMG! I snack on almonds all the time, please don’t let me develop that allergy. Then I remember my adult onset allergy to eggs. One morning while in undergrad I was waiting for my boss to open the store, I was enjoying a McDonald’s egg and sausage biscuit. I was really enjoying it, when I felt this funny feeling in my stomach. I then started to feel nauseous and the next thing I notice I am throwing up violently into the McD’s bag. It was so painful and nasty. I didn’t realize it was the eggs initially. I just stopped eating the biscuits. Then one day I really wanted some scrambled eggs with a piece of ham. I mean I had my mouth set for those eggs and ham. Again, I started enjoying the flavorful eggs and ham then I started feeling funny in my stomach, then I started gagging and the next thing I know I am hugging the porcelain commode. It was so painful I burst the blood vessels in both of my eyes. A hot mess. I am allergic to eggs, but I can eat them in cooked items but not alone. I can eat a boiled egg, only one. Don’t ask how I know. So no I do not take the flu shot because of the allergy.

As I have gotten older, I have become allergic to things I once had no problems with. I mean I don’t remember the change of seasons affecting my allergies as they do now. I cannot be outside for a prolonged period during high pollens days if I want to go to work the next day. I am officially allergic to penicillin and this happen over the last 10 years, because I had surgery in 1999 and wasn’t allergic then. I guess what they say about adulthood is true. The older you get the more your body breaks down. But I still look good…Robin circa Waiting to Exhale the movie.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Does going outside really make you sick?

Anyone who knows me, understands that me and outside are not close.  I go outside to water my plants in their containers and to get from my car into the house.  I have said on many occasions being outside is an inconvience of getting in and out of the house.  My yard guy told me recently I didn't comment on how the grass looked the other week.  I was like I saw it it looked good, but really as long as the grass isn't too high and I am getting citation and there are no snacks hiding in the grass, I am happy because I don't sit outside admiring the grass.  I don't go outside for that matter.  I don't know when my perversion to the outside started, but it is a rarity to see me sitting outside.  I just don't like to and plus I don't live in Kansas.

I rarely go to BBQ's because folks want you to eat outside in the elements.  I don't like air touching my food.  What?  Sometimes the outside will smell some kinda way and frankly I am not eating that smell.  Don't get me wrong I have eaten outside, but I really don't like to and at this age I don't even act like I am going to eat food outside.  I rather go hungry. 

You know the dilemma about the "Family Vacation".  Not one piece of sand will touch me and my outdoor outings will be limited to the late evenings when it is cooler and I don't have to worry about the inevitable tan I will obtain. 

So I have issues with the outside, but undoubtedly not as bad as my sister's.  This weekend her oldest daughter was away at a leadership event and she and her youngest, Hunny Bunny, were to have some bonding time.  So Tiffany decided to take her child to the park.  Let me preface this by saying if it wasn't for their grandma, neither of my nieces would know what the outside is like.  Hunny Bunny likes being outside based on the her losing her mind when she does have the freedom.  Unfortunately, her mother doesn't do outside like her sister.  However, Tiffany has taken it to the next level.

So on Saturday she decided to take Hunny Bunny to the neighborhood park.  When she told me I was like, really?  Wow!  Unbelievable.  I really was shocked until she told me they only stayed about 20 minutes.  What the hell?  20 minutes!!!  Are you serious?  Really?  She then preceeds to tell me there wasn't much to do at the park and folks need to stop allowing their kids to go to the park alone because they are so bad.  But 20 minutes?  Then, oh it gets better, she says she got phyically sick and just couldn't be outside any longer.  Really?  You got sick?  Side-eye that.

My poor niece was probably having the time of her life, but her mama decides she is sick, physically ill being outside for 20 minutes.  Wow! 

She dared me to not post this on my blog.  You know I had to post.  I mean I just don't like to be outside, but she actually gets "sick".  Yeah, right. 

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Creative Cooking Part Two

So on Monday I had the worse sweet tooth imaginable and if your read my TMI Randoms you know why.  So what is a girl to do when she wants to continue losing weight, but must quench the sweet tooth?  Well, I looked for desserts that would work for me without a lot of calories and definitely not chocolate.

I decided to make a Apple Berry Fruit Turnover.  I purchase Granny Smith apples by the bag as a healthy snack in between meals.  However, I hate when I get a bag and the damn apples are soft.  I hate that with a passion.  I like my apples to be firm, hence, my love of Granny Smith apples.  So to get rid of them I decided to make this turnover.

My recipe is simple.  Cut up apples, thaw out froze mixed berry package and of course thaw out your puff pastry dough.  Now you know good and well I don't really measure so just work with me.  You really can't mess this up.

I cut up my apples and put my mixed berries in a bowl along with raisins, golden raisins and dried cranberries and stirred in some sugar (small amount), a tablespoon of brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon and then stir them together and then add enough cornstarch to cover your fruit mixture.  Then I let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes because I needed to workout.  Oxymoron.  Roll with it.

I then roll out the puff pastry into a good rectangle shape and fixed any holes.
I know that looks like a lot of margarine but really it wasn't more than a tablespoon and a 1/2.

I dumped in my apple and berry mixture and added some margarine.  Then I folded it over and made slits to allow the heat to escape and did an egg wash brushing over the entire turnover and sprinkle a little sugar on the outside.  You can make this into the cute little turnover you buy in the store, but I ain't got that kinda patience.  I baked in a 375 degree oven on parchment paper after preheating on 400 degrees.  When it was golden brown I removed it and allowed it to sit for a minute or two before cutting.  The smell emanating from the oven was delicious.  As well as it tasted delicious.  It wasn't overly sweet and most importantly it quenched that sweet tooth I had.  Easy, simple and good.
Egg wash

The finished product.

Yummy Goodness, on a small saucer with nondairy whipped topping.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And let the side-eye for Family vacations begin…

I get a call the other morning from an Unknown number on my cell phone. Mind you, I don’t normally answer my cell from unknown numbers unless I feel a little froggy and feel like cussing someone out. Well, I was feeling a little froggy so I answered. It was my cousins on the line. They were discussing the number going to Myrtle Beach and thinking of ways for it to be cheap economical for everyone. So they proceeded to ask were Tiffany and I getting one condo, and I was like yes, we usually do. My cousin said since the rooms have queen beds (mind you I am scratching my head because I know damn well the condo building we choose only has the King one bedroom or the double one bedroom w/sleeper sofa and Murphy bed). She figured to cut down on costs since she has to fly her grown son to Myrtle beach to attend the family vacation, we could share with them. They would take the bedroom with her sons and we could have the sofa and Murphy beds for my sister and I and my bad sleeping nieces. I had that Scooby Doo look on my face all confusical and all. Yes, I made up a word. I thought yeah we could save money, but in the back of my mind I was like who the hell am I kidding. I am not sharing a hotel room with 7 other people. I got issues man.

I told them I would talk to Tiffany and get back to them. I talked to my sister and she thought about it and then she had the Eureka moment. “Oh Hell Naw!” She can’t imagine sharing a bathroom with 7 other people and my youngest niece will use the bathroom in the morning as a method of waking up so that is 20 minutes sitting on the toilet swinging her damn legs. My Eureka moment was I can’t share a room with that many people and that many grown people. Then I went to thinking about the splitting of the cost and started feeling some kinda way. I ain’t got any children. So how was this split going to work and then my cousin’s sons are 23 and 26 years old their asses need to help pay for the rooms. Also, my other cousin here going are husband and wife maybe they should try sharing with them. I can’t and won’t but it will help them. My cousin was like we wouldn’t be in the room much, damn lie. I take naps every day of vacation. I will be in the room because I don’t do sand and sun. What? Sorry, cousins Tiffany and I will pay our share and have room to scratch our behinds and walk around in our draws, with 8 people in a room that ain’t gonna work, no way, no how.  I am going to be on vacation, I need to be comfortable.

What Would You Do?

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Friday, April 01, 2011


Yes, my hair is up, which is how I wear it when I have a hard workout planned for the day.

• I was going to do an April fool’s joke on here, but I changed my mind. I thought about saying I was pregnant or getting married, but both of those lies require a significant other and you know my folks are still trying to date or marry me off so I thought naw, better not put that up there the rumor mill will be out of control.

• Once my cousin’s husband went to my second job and told everyone there he was my ex-husband. When I get to work, I noticed folks were looking at me strange and shyte, but I just shrugged it off. Well the other manager said, “Cashana, I didn’t know you were married, because your ex-husband, Charles came by here yesterday. I was just shocked.” Of course I was looking at her with the serious side-eye, and I let her know that was my cousin’s husband and damn don’t you think he is a little too damn old for me? I got a type and he ain’t it! Geez.

• I am going to have to listen to another radio station because the one I currently listen to sends me into spasms of true hate for particular songs. I know most stations pre-record and such but damn I know when certain songs will play. Ugh!

• I am not so cranky today. I am however contemplating how many more hours until I can get home and go to sleep.

• My sister said I needed to use my time better after reading my TMI randoms this week.

• My second job fired two cooks right before spring break. Lovely time. I was tired and cranky by the end of the week and so were the other managers. My only question was why folks would act a donkey knowing it took me two weeks to do the schedule.

• Two of my spring breakers brought me back ankle bracelet. I guess they did it because I told them they would save me a trip to Nassau if they did. Hell, it worked.

• It is official the FAMILY will be doing a family trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Oh the joy. I agreed knowing that I had made a deposit for the National Book Club Conference.

• Speaking of the NBCC, I just don’t want to attend anymore. Seriously, my book club members were supposed to attend. Ask me how many are planning on attending? Same number who have attended in the past. Yeah. I decided since Tyrese has a book coming out and he is to attend and he can’t spell author on his twitter page that was reason enough not to attend. No really, go read it.

• Back to the family trip. Pray for us, you know my family can be pure comedy when we all get together. I wish I could have posted about the tomfoolery after my aunt’s funeral with the drinking and carrying on, but I decided to protect the innocent. Anyway, we are all driving and there have already been threats levied. My sister is worried one cousin will bring the vodka and Hypnotiq, one cousin threatening to take my 16 year old niece out partying and others scared who they may have to share a condo with. Yep, we aren’t going until the end of July so I am sure the funny that is my family will continue until then.

• Our last book club meeting was at a hotel in Prattville that is located on the golf course. We met around a pit fire and it was wonderful. I would love to do it again. Only problem was the service at the restaurant sucked! Why are there servers who really aren’t customer friendly?

• I am still doing my nails with Salon effects. I like my hands being pretty.
Raise Your Glass, kinda appropriate.

• I am going back to New Orleans this year. Let’s hope it is as fun as it was the last time I was there and since I am older maybe the debauchery will be nonexistent. Hell, who am I kidding?

• Did you know Chips Ahoy now has a cookie with Heathbar pieces in it? I make cookies with Heathbar pieces and chocolate chips they have stolen my idea. Oh well…

• Although we are going to Myrtle Beach as a family, it must be known not one single piece of sand will touch my body. As I have gotten older, my OCD tendencies seem to have increased and the thought of sand on my body and taking forever to get it off sends me into a conniption. And I really don’t do sun and heat outside. I plan to have a ball though shopping and finding some great places to eat. Are there any good restaurants in that area? We shall see.

• It is so pretty outside right now I want to ditch work tonight and just sit outside drinking some Merlot and finishing up Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan.

• I have another dish to post for you all. Still bored at home.

• I have a sunflower sprouting. That makes me smile.

• I am happy today. I will be happy all weekend. I will enjoy the beautiful weather. I will just be…

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